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Mar 31, 2022
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Senior IRGC General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi: Western Culture Is A Path To Racial Extinction, Loss Of National Identity; Europeans Are Not Having Babies, So They Are Forced To 'Import' Population From Africa

#9496 | 03:50
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Deputy IRGC Commander-in-Chief for Coordination General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi said in a March 31, 2022 interview on Ofogh TV (Iran) that Europeans are losing their national identity and are headed for extinction due to the negative population growth in Europe. He said that Western countries preach to other societies how they should conduct themselves, yet Westerners are not getting married or having children. As a result, he said, the West is headed towards extinction and is forced to "import" populations from Africa and other parts of the world. Naghdi gave the example of France's national soccer and basketball teams, which he said comprise mostly of Africans. He predicted that in a few years the European race will exist only in museums, and that if the African immigrants to Europe embrace the Western lifestyle, they too will be headed for extinction.

Interviewer: "If I am not mistaken, you expressed an opinion about the French national soccer team. You said that out of the 23 team members, 15 were Africans, and that of the 12 members of their national basketball team, ten were Africans. You inferred that France has no national identity."


Mohammad-Reza Naghdi: "The West delineats a certain lifestyle for [other] societies, and [tells us] how we should live. What has this done to the West itself? It has caused negative population growth, which forces them to import population from abroad. European societies will reach a point, within several decades, where you will have to search for a single person of the European race in France or in England, for example.

Interviewer: "But many countries do this. In the Persian Gulf, for example, Qatar and the UAE do this."

Naghdi: "In this situation, there is no more meaning to national identity. According to statistics, if you hold free elections in England in 2060, a Pakistani or an Indian will be the prime minister, and [British] Parliament will be filled with [immigrants] from Iraq, India, and so on. What will be the meaning of national identity there? There will be no such thing as the English people anymore.

"This will be a different nation and different society. Some people might interpret what I say to be racial discrimination, but if you care about the value of preserving a nation's identity and the continued existence of that nation, [know that] the path [the West] outlined for human society will ultimately be the annihilation of future generations.

"If the people who came from other places embrace this lifestyle as well, they will become extinct too. Humanity as a whole will head toward annihilation. In a few years, you will have to find the European race in museums, and they will tell [about] the people who used to live in Europe with light-colored eyes, blond hair, and white skin, and they spoke in such a manner.

"This will be the outcome if they continue this process. Is this a desirable process for any society?


"The reason that the Africans went there and took over the national teams... They swarmed society as a whole, not just the national sports teams. Those sports teams constitute a reflection of society."

Interviewer: "Exactly."

Naghdi: "The reason is that within their own societies, those [immigrants] have not embraced the European lifestyle. They gave birth to children, started families, grew in number, and took over that society. These things are addressed to them too. If those Africans embrace the Western lifestyle, they, too, will head towards extinction.


"Human society is heading towards extinction. Nobody is willing to get married anymore. They live with dogs, crocodiles, and cats. Nobody is willing to give birth to children, raise them, and build a life. This lifestyle they created... In England, they presented a new cabinet member for loneliness affairs."

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