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Jun 10, 2020
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Iranian International Affairs Expert Alireza Mehrabi: Zionist Jews Control Wall Street, The U.S. Economy; America Is Enslaved By Military-Industrial-Economic Empires

#8079 | 01:41
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Iranian international affairs expert Alireza Mehrabi said in a June 10, 2020 interview on Channel 2 (Iran) that the "headmasters" of Wall Street are a few Zionist Jews who completely control the economy in America. He explained that these Jews are the descendants of the Rothschild family and that they are being "rewarded" for what they did for Britain in the two World Wars. In addition, he said that there are two Americas: an America of the "regular people" and an America that consists of what he said are 12 "military-industrial-economic empires" that "enslave" America. He added: "The American people have been colonized."

Alireza Mehrabi: "If you look at Wall Street, you will see that the 'headmasters' are a few Zionist Jews who completely control America's economic mechanisms. I want to discuss an important point here. The Zionist Jews in America are being rewarded for what they did for Britain in the two World Wars. We have a historical precedent in the two World Wars. The Zionist Jews served Britain well against its opponents, such as the Ottoman Empire and Germany. In World War II, Hitler felt that he had been harmed by the Zionist Jews. Today, they are being rewarded... The same descendants of the British Rothschild family that came to America in search of gold and other things, have now established themselves there.


"There are two Americas. The first is the America of the regular people. It is the nation and the social aspects. The other America consists of 12 military-industrial-economic empires, that [encompass] different fields. They are the ones that enslave America. I mean to say that the American people have been colonized."

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