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Jan 23, 2005
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Iranian Intelligence Minister Yunesi: Seymour Hirsch Hallucinating or Dreaming; The Americans Are Stupidbut Not Stupid Enough to Enter Iran

#507 | 01:50
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

The following are statements made by Iranian Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi. Yunesi’s statements were aired on Channel 2, Iranian TV on January 23, 2005:

Reporter: Mr. Seymour Hirsch is known as the one who exposes U.S. military and security plans before they are executed. He said that commando forces were sent to Iran to conduct espionage operations and to attack important installations. Is this information correct?

Ali Ynesi: Either he is hallucinating or he is dreaming if he thinks Iran's borders are breached and anybody can enter it. This is not the case. If it were, the Americans would have achieved their goals in Iran long ago. Iran has the most secure borders – both in sea and on land. Neither Americans nor non-Americans ever dare to enter Iran's territory. Whatever this gentleman said – I believe these were either hallucinations or a joke.

Reporter: Minister, the statements by Rice and Cheney, in addition to what Hirsch has said, have generated widespread psychological warfare against Iran on the international level. Why is this happening now?

Ali Yunesi: This is a psychological war that they have started, in order to influence the talks on the nuclear issue. They think that this way they can force us to make the concessions they want. Otherwise, they do not have the ability to carry out their military threat.

Reporter: Mr. Yunesi, it has been said that American commandos entered Iran and conducted espionage operations. They…

Ali Yunesi: We would love American commandos to enter Iran.

Reporter: Why?

Ali Yunesi: Because they are chicks. Our eagles will catch them in no time. The Americans are stupid, but not as stupid as that.

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