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Mar 03, 2023
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Friday Sermon In Dehdasht, Iran By Ali Vahdanifar: There Is No Going Backward On Nuclear Issues; Netanyahu Could Not Hold Out Against Hizbullah – How Does He Expect To Face Iran?

#10169 | 01:24
Source: Dena TV (Iran)

Iranian preacher Ali Vahdanifar said in a Friday, March 3, 2023 sermon in Dehdasht, Iran that there is no "going backward" on the nuclear issue, and he mocked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's threats that Israel is prepared to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. He argued that if Israel could not hold out for even three days against Hizbullah, it certainly cannot face Iran directly. In addition, he warned countries neighboring Iran that are "preparing the atmosphere" for Israel and the Zionists that if a "mistake" is made, they will be targeted by Iranian forces even before they reach Haifa and Tel Aviv. The sermon was aired on Dena TV (Iran).

Ali Vahdanifar: "The enemy needs to know that in terms of the nuclear issue, there is no going backward. Recently, Mr. Netanyahu, like always, boasted: 'We are prepared to target the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities.' Mr. Netanyahu, you could not withstand three days against Hizbullah, the arm of the Islamic Republic. Now you want to face us? I unambiguously say the following sentence to our neighboring countries, that are paving the ground for the plundering Zionist regime:

"They should know that if the plundering Zionist regime makes any mistake, before we reach Haifa and Tel-Aviv, we will certainly strike the country of origin and any territory at this [Zionist] regime's disposal with our missiles."

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