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May 14, 2018
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Ayatollah Abbas Kaabi of the Iranian Guardian Council: The U.S. Embassy Is Satan's Stronghold, Israel Weaker than a Spider Web

#6587 | 02:05
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Ayatollah Abbas Kaabi, a member of the Iranian Guardian Council, said that the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem constituted a "new Balfour Declaration," and that the embassy was "a stronghold of Satan and a den of corruption." Accusing the Saudi and UAE rulers of being "accomplices to the aggression against Jerusalem and Palestine," Ayatollah Kaabi said that Iran would provide money and weapons to anyone who confronts the Zionist entity and added that "Israel remains weaker than a spider web." Kaabi's statements aired on Al-Mayadeen TV on May 14.

Abbas Kaabi: "Moving the U.S. embassy in the Zionist entity from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem undoubtedly constitutes a new Balfour declaration, and a renewal of the Nakba tragedy in its 70th anniversary. That embassy is a stronghold of Satan and a den of corruption. The [Islamic] nation will never be silent in its confrontation with this blatant aggression against Jerusalem.


"It is clear that the atrocious attacks taking place in Jerusalem today are the result of the policy of normalization and surrender, and the policy of conspiracy, treachery, and alliance with the Zionist entity, by the likes of the rulers from the Saud clan, the Khalifa clan, the Nahyan clan, and all the other clans and emirates, who instill fear of Iran and create imaginary enemies as a pretext to rule the Arabs. Those traitor rulers are accomplices to the aggression against Jerusalem and Palestine, and should be held accountable.


"We support anyone who confronts the Zionist entity. We support them with money, weapons, and all forms of aid, and we do not preoccupy ourselves with artificial [sectarian] issues. Even though it pretends to be strong and draws strength from Trump, Israel remains weaker than a spider web."

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