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May 13, 2005
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Iranian Generals: Recent Wars in the Region Allowed Us to Prepare for the Americans

#575 | 02:01
Source: IRIB/ Jaam-E-Jam1 TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from interviews with Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Deputy Commander General Zol-Qadr and Iranian Aerospace Industries Director General Hosein 'Alaii:

General Hosein 'Alaii: Iran manufactures various kinds of missiles that meet our defense needs. Everyone knows that these missiles are only intended for defense and not for offense. Our needs have led us to manufacture these missiles. it was the Americans who brought us to the conclusion that we should have missiles. It was the enemies who brought us to these conclusions. Thank God, we have these capabilities in Iran.

Gen. Zol-Qadr, deputy head Iranian Revolutionary Guards: The events in the Middle East in the past two or three years - the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which border with Iran – were a great opportunity for us to get to know the American methods, strategies, doctrines, and tactics. the Americans are our greatest security challenge. Thus, we have been able to prepare for a confrontation with the American threat. Today, thank God, we can say the armed forces in our country are totally familiar with the American modus operandi. In the past the American army was an unknown black box to us. Today, we are completely aware of its scope and are familiar with its tactics. We even know the American commanders' state of mind, and this is very influential in wars. Their behavioral patterns are well known to us, and this increases our maneuvering ability against the American threat. I can tell the Iranian public, with full confidence, that there is no threat that our armed forces cannot identify and confront with all their might.

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