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Mar 23, 2019
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The Name Is Netanyahu – Yohan Netanyahu: Israeli PM Sends Fictional Brother on an Espionage Mission to Tehran in an Iranian Spy Movie

#7220 | 14:08
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

An Iranian espionage movie, "The Fox," follows Iranian intelligence agents as they track down Israeli PM Netanyahu’s fictional younger brother, Yohan. The opening title of the movie, which aired by Ofogh TV on March 24, 2019, said that it is fictional, but that "very similar events have happened in the past." Yohan Netanyahu, a Mossad agent and a commando in Sayeret Matkal, was sent by his brother into Iran on a top-secret mission unknown even to the Mossad. Benjamin Netanyahu's personal secretary and her mother's uncle, who work for Iranian intelligence, help the operatives catch Yohan. The uncle, an old Jewish man who dislikes Jews, explains that his family were gypsies who converted to Judaism during WWII in order to be treated favorably by the U.S. In his interrogation, Yohan reveals the names of 65 Mossad agents who hold senior positions in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon. The film also suggests that there is a connection between Israel and ISIS.

Following are excerpts:


Intelligence Agent 1: Do you know him, Chief?

Chief: Of course I know him. He has been a bitter enemy of ours for 10 years now. Now he himself has come to Iran.

Intelligence Agent 1: Was he in Lebanon?

Chief: Yes. Lebanon, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria… This is Yohan Netanyahu.

Intelligence Agent 1: Netanyahu? Israel's Prime Minister?

Chief: No, that's Benjamin.

Intelligence Agent 2: Chief, he suffers from lack of sleep. I apologize on his behalf.

Chief: Benjamin Netanyahu has two brothers who served with him in Sayeret Matkal.

Intelligence Agent 2: Sayeret Matkal?

Chief: Yes. The three brothers served there. The oldest brother was killed 40 years ago in an operation at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. This is the younger brother, Yohan. What are you doing?

Intelligence Agent 2: I'm running a search on Sayeret Matkal.

Chief: Ask me. Who's better – me or the Internet?

Intelligence Agent 2: You, of course.

Chief: I'm kidding. Carry on. Sayeret Matkal is the top intelligence organization of the Israeli army. It operates independently from the Mossad and gets its orders directly from the PM. Are you ashamed of yourself now?

Intelligence Agent 1: Chief, where did [Yohan] learn Persian?

Chief: In Sayeret Matkal. Yes, this is the oldest brother, Yonatan. Where did you get this from? Wikipedia?

Intelligence Agent 2: Yes, sir.

Intelligence Agent 1: He was handsome.

Chief: Yes. He died young, without getting married.

Intelligence Agent 2: 1976… It says here the photo was taken shortly before his death. He's 30 here.

Chief: They had another brother called Iddo. See what you can find about him.

Intelligence Agent 2: I will, sir. This is the registration form for Sayeret Matkal.

Intelligence Agent 1: Registration form? What's the salary?




Chief: There are many informants in the Mossad. If we have informants, the Americans have ten times more.

Intelligence Agent 1: So Netanyahu bypassed the Mossad?

Chief: If he did, it's clear he sent just one person. Someone whose loyalty is beyond doubt, someone whose existence can be denied – someone like his brother.




Wait, I need you for something.

Intelligence Agent 2: Sure.

Chief: Ayoub is in danger.

Intelligence Agent 2: Ayoub? Why Ayoub?

Chief: Use your brain, genius. What did Ayoub report about this? You yourself deciphered this.

Intelligence Agent 2: Right. Ayoub said that [Yohan] was captured in Syria by ISIS three months ago.

Chief: Do you know who Ayoub is?

Intelligence Agent 2: No. Why should I know? I only deciphered his messages.

Chief: Until now, it wasn't necessary for you to know. Ayoub is Benjamin Netanyahu's special secretary.

Intelligence Agent 2: Oh… How is this possible?

Chief: It was possible, but now his cover has been blown. We need to get him out. You have to arrange a meeting with him and bring him to Iran if necessary.

Intelligence Agent 2: Me? Why me?

Chief: Because in all this mess, I cannot travel to Yerevan. Aside from that, in the past three or four years I met with him four times. If he is under surveillance now, [my] meeting with him could lead to his death.

Intelligence Agent 2: I haven't done these kinds of things until now.

Chief: There's a first time for everything.

Intelligence Agent 2: And why Yerevan?

Chief: Ayoub's mother's uncle is an old man who lives in Yerevan. He works for us. Whenever we want, he "gets sick." He gets the signal in Yerevan and sends Ayoub an email, so Ayoub has to come fast to visit his uncle. That's the code for the meeting. The code at the top means it's urgent, and the one at the bottom means that the meeting is in Yerevan.

Intelligence Agent 2: Okay…

Chief: By the way, Ayoub is a woman. He real name is Sarah.

Intelligence Agent 2: Sarah…




Sarah: Hello.

Intelligence Agent 2: Hello.

Sarah: Nice to meet you. Okay, go on.

Intelligence Agent 2: Are you sure he doesn't know English?

Sarah: I'm sure he knows English. And I'm sure he is my mother's uncle.

Intelligence Agent 2: Sorry. They didn't mention that…

Sarah's Relative: I know Persian as well, boy. One of the pastimes of the Armenians here is gathering on the porch on Saturday night and speaking Persian.

Intelligence Agent 2: Persian, Armenian, English, Arabic… [You speak] four languages.

Sarah's Relative: Six, actually. I also know Russian and the language of the gypsies.

Intelligence Agent 2: The language of the gypsies? What is that?

Sarah's Relative: That's our native language, boy. We were actually gypsies, but 70 years ago my father forces us to convert to Judaism. It was towards the end of the war and the Americans treated the Jews much better than they treated us gypsies. So we got documents and became Jews. My father, may he rest in peace, was clever and crafty. Sarah is very much like my father.

Intelligence Agent 2: Then you are not a Jew, literally.

Sarah: Not for real, but I go to synagogue every Saturday.

Intelligence Agent 2: Okay. I'm here to warn you. You are in danger.

Sarah: How? And how do you know it? This is Yohan Netanyahu. Did you get him?

Intelligence Agent 2: No, but we're working on that. This is not the point.

Sarah: Is he in Iran yet?

Intelligence Agent 2: We like to think so. The point is you are in…

Sarah: Why do you think so? This is nonsense.

Intelligence Agent 2: I am ordered to help you come to Iran.

Sarah: I will not "come" nowhere with you. I will go back. Don't worry, there is no danger there. You are so suspicious. I'm not informed [i.e. my cover hasn't been blown] and I will not…

Sarah's Relative: She is not easily convinced, boy.

Intelligence Agent 2: If she goes back, they will imprison her. Why doesn't she understand?

Sarah's Relative: Why should she understand? She has a life, and a life partner.

Intelligence Agent 2: She is married?

Sarah's Relative: She is in the process.

Intelligence Agent 2: Oh, dear… I need to return to Tehran on Tuesday.

Sarah's Relative: There is a lot of time until Tuesday.

Intelligence Agent 2: What does that mean? Look, sir, I don't know… It doesn't matter how, but you [must] convince her to come [with me]. If she doesn't come back with me, my boss will give me hell.

Sarah's Relative: Seriously?

Intelligence Agent 2: What?

Sarah's Relative: Until Tuesday, can you take her out two nights?

Intelligence Agent 2: And do what?

Sarah's Relative: Be optimistic. Take her out to dinner, maybe she'll change her mind. Besides, I'd prefer a Muslim husband over a Jew-boy.

Intelligence Agent 2: She doesn't understand Persian at all?

Sarah's Relative: Don't worry. That's the last thing she needs.




Yohan Netanyahu: You don't need money or anything else?

Hamid: What, you have too much money?

Yohan Netanyahu: Yes… How much do you want?

Hamid: Brother, just take me to my motorcycle and we can part ways peacefully.

Yohan Netanyahu: I want to give you an offer you cannot refuse.

Hamid: Do you watch a lot of movies? You've become [like] the Godfather.

Yohan Netanyahu: Yes. Consider me like the Godfather.

Hamid: But you're not.

Chief: Hamid, dear, don't argue with him. Let me hear what he wants to say.

Yohan Netanyahu: How much do you want?

Hamid: For what? What do you want?

Yohan Netanyahu: I want to take you two abroad:

Hamid: To take us?

Yohan Netanyahu: Yes, both of you. You and your wife. Haven't you always wanted to go abroad.

Chief: Hamid, agree to it.

Hamid: What, am I crazy?

Chief: You idiot, agree to it. Otherwise, he will kill you.




Yohan Netanyahu: Look, if you don't come, I'll get out right here and even give you this van as a gift. Then you will need to pray that I don't leave the country, because if I leave, sooner or later they will come to you and kill both you and your wife.

Chief: Hamid, accept his offer and get out of the vehicle.

Yohan Netanyahu: Israel has a long reach, my dear boy. Israel has a very, very long reach.




Amir: Hello. Is there food?

Restaurant Owner: Welcome, sir. Of course, I'll be right with you.

Chief: Amir, get ready for the operation.

Amir: Yes, sir. I will go with Ghobad. Esmail is in the restaurant.

Chief: Be very careful, there's a very good chance that he has a cyanide capsule. The first thing you do is to keep his jaw open. First, disarm him, and then don't let him close his jaw. I'll be there in 30 seconds.




Saeed, Hamid – if he draws a weapon, just lie on the ground.

Ghobad: Come! Open his mouth! It's over…

Amir: He ruined my hand!

Chief: Did he have cyanide or no?

Ghobad: He has a [bulletproof] vest.

Amir: No, sir, he didn't have any [cyanide].

Intelligence Agent 2: Where is his cellphone? Mr. Maftun, where is his cellphone?

Hamid: It's in the bag.

Amir: Why do you bite? What, are you a dog?

Esmail: You naughty boy… He has an entire arsenal.

Chief: You dragged us behind you quite a lot, Mr. Netanyahu.

Yohan Netanyahu: Consider yourselves already dead!

Hamid: Look, Mr. Godfather, this is the second time that you have threatened me and my wife! Let me at him!




Yohan Netanyahu: Tell your commander that you're wasting your time. These tricks have gotten old. The Mossad doesn't buy these games. Can you hear me?

Chief: Put me on speaker so that he can hear. It is your tricks that have gotten old, Mr. Netanyahu. You want to give us the idea that the Mossad knew about your mission? No, dear. I don't think anybody other than your Benjamin knew about this. Forget about the Mossad, even in Sayeret Matkal nobody knew. Is that not so? What's the matter? You're quiet.

Yohan Netanyahu: How can you have such fantasies?

Chief: Because you came alone, and you employed unprofessional people. Single-use people who can be taken out, like that poor man who worked for you and you killed him, and that couple that you brought here in order to kill them after you crossed the border. Sit down, please. You're quiet. You're quiet because I'm right.

Yohan Netanyahu: You're talking nonsense.

Chief: Maybe, maybe not. We need to talk about it in detail. For now, sleep, my dear. Tomorrow afternoon, I'll come and we will have a long talk. By the way, one more thing. That base in Istanbul to which you sent a message so they would pick you up – we've been monitoring them for a year. But why did you have to contact ISIS? Why didn't you notify the Mossad or Sayeret Matkal? You're still quiet…

Yohan Netanyahu: I told you, you're talking nonsense. You are monitoring an ISIS base?

Chief: No, treat us better than others. That ISIS base was established in order to recruit people from Iran, and to transfer terrorists to Iraq and Syria. Whenever we want, we can send them from Istanbul straight to Hell. But why should we do that? Anyone here who wants to cut off heads is sent to Turkey, and from there he is injected into the dunes of Iraq and Syria, where Qassem Soleimani is waiting for them.




Don't tell me that the Mossad doesn't have a base in Turkey. Isn't it true that your brother wanted to assassinate another one of our scientists so that negotiations would stop? And that [he wanted] to not leave any trace so that he could deny it, and so that Obama would accept his denial? You're being quiet. I'm not talking nonsense. Benjamin sent you alone because he didn't want the Mossad in on the secret. And now, nobody will rescue you. Soon, he will declare you as a martyr, and turn you into a stepping stone for his advancement, just like he did 40 years ago with your [brother] Yonatan.




Chief (As Narrator): Yohan Netanyahu, in his interrogation, revealed the names of 65 Mossad and Sayeret Matkal spies.




The Mossad thought Yohan to be dead, so it did not warn or order any of its spies to escape. These 65 [spies] held sensitive positions in military, security, and political organizations in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon. Many of them had even become ministers. Forty seven of them were still alive and were active. Iran's Intelligence Ministry gave the names of all the Mossad spies to the security agencies of the friendly countries.




Forty days after Yohan's arrest, 27 people were arrested in seven countries. Three [spies] committed suicide before being arrested, ten managed to escape, and two were killed while trying to escape. However, five [of the spies] were never arrested. These five people still hold senior political and military positions in their countries.




Those five people still think they work for the Mossad, but the intelligence they have access to is worthless or misleading. Yohan Netanyahu is still in prison and is writing his memoirs.

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