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Aug 20, 2020
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Iranian Analyst Jafar Ghannadbashi: Israel Will Destroy The UAE's Economy, Use It To Spy On The Region; Iran Could Defeat The UAE Militarily In One Hour

#8238 | 01:13
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

Jafar Ghannadbashi, an Iranian expert on the Islamic world and "West Asia," said in an August 20, 2020 interview on Channel 4 (Iran) that the UAE is weaker as a result of its peace deal with Israel and that Iran would be able to defeat it in one hour were it to act militarily against Iran. He said that Israel will now use the UAE to spy and destroy its economy. He added that these are the types of things that caused the Zionists to be kicked out of Germany, England, and the rest of Europe.

Jafar Ghannadbashi: "The UAE is weaker [as a result of its deal with Israel.] From a military perspective, it is not... In my opinion, if the UAE were to take military action against Iran, it would be [defeated] in one hour. This is insignificant. What is important is that the Zionist regime will enter the scene from a spying perspective, and it will steal an economic hub of the Islamic world. This is the exact reason that the Israelis were banished from Europe. In Germany and England, the Zionists did things that [made] people get rid of them. You can be sure that if there are relations [between UAE and Israel], there will be nothing left of the UAE's economy. [Israel] will destroy anything that competes against its products, and it will destroy the artificial farms [in the UAE] that resemble the ones in occupied Palestine."

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