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Sep 10, 2016
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Iranian Dissident Mehdi Khazali Criticizes Iran's Qods Force Involvement in Syria: Soleimani's Mismanagement Destroyed Syria

#5687 | 02:51
Source: The Internet

Iranian dissident Dr. Mehdi Khazali, son of Ayatollah Khazali, blatantly criticized Qods Force and its commmander, Qassem Soleimani, in a video-clip posted on his website on September 11. Khazali said that Iran was "bogged down in the quagmire [of Syria]" because of the "excessive aspirations" of Soleimani, leading to a waste of Iran's resources and to the Syrian people's hatred of Iran. He further said that the U.S. should be allowed to have a military base in Iran in order to fight ISIS. According to Khazali, Al-Assad and Soleimani are loathed by today's society, whereas "Obama was very successful, and [Bill] Clinton is well liked."


Dr. Mehdi Khazali: "If we had any sense, and if the Qods Force had not had excessive aspirations, Bashad Al-Assad would have been toppled in 2011 because of the Arab Spring, and his dictatorial, oppressive Ba'thist regime would have fallen. We could have maintained good ties with those who would have replaced him in a democratic manner. That way, Iran's resources would not have been wasted in Syria.






"I believe that this war (against ISIS) was a mistake. It wreaked destruction in Iraq, Syria, and part of Turkey. We are bogged down in this quagmire. We have become entangled with ISIS, due to Qassem Soleimani's mismanagement. If not for this, there would have been no ISIS. (ISIS) poses a threat to the world's security. They perpetrate crimes throughout the World. Because of a mistake by Qassaem Soleimani and the Qods Force, the world now has a common enemy. What should we do now? If America - not only Russia - request a military base, in order to overcome those criminals, who pose a threat to human society as a whole, we must agree. It's not at all important, because after all, during the fighting with the Taliban, we gave America (permission to use) our space, and the same goes for the fighting against Saddam. We must establish good relations with the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, so that they will not give ISIS financial support. At present, they are arming those criminals because of the enmity between us.






"In 2017, you will see that the Syrian people will express loathing and hatred toward (Iran). Our people say today: (Soleimani) has destroyed Syria, and Bashar Al-Assad is disliked and has no legitimacy. People say that Soleimani has a 'flying carpet' and flies all over. That's fine for Harry Potter (stories), but doesn't help (Iranian) society today, which says: You (Soleimani) have destroyed Syria. Bashar Al-Assad is disliked by us. Whereas a hero for our society is Nelson Mandela, who stepped down as president in favor of someone younger. For the society today, Obama was very successful, and [Bill] Clinton is well liked."


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