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Nov 11, 2020
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Iranian Deputy FM Abbas Araghchi: We Are Concerned about Israeli Influence in Azerbaijan Conflict; There Will Have to Be Extensive Discussions If U.S. Wants to Rejoin JCPOA

#8463 | 03:17
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said in a November 11, 2020 interview on Channel 1 (Iran) that Iran is concerned with the participation of "takfiri forces" in the Nagorno-Karabach conflict in Azerbaijan and that it has warned the involved parties not to allow Israel to gain a foothold in the region. He also said that Iran is prepared for either a Biden presidency or a continuation of the Trump presidency, and that there would have to be extensive negotiations in discussions should America desire to rejoin the JCPOA. For more about Abbas Araghchi, see MEMRI TV clips No. 7454, 7253, and 7222.

Abbas Araghchi: "We had several concerns, and we presented them in depth, to all parties involved [in the Nagorno-Karabach conflict]. One of these issues is the presence of takfiri forces in the region.


"The suspicious and conspiratorial role that the Zionist regime has played in this conflict is very obvious. This is a source of concern for the future of the region. This is the point that I brought up to the various countries involved directly and indirectly in this matter. I warned them that they must not allow this regime to establish a foothold in the region and create a point of tension and constant crisis. [Israel] certainly has no good intentions when it helps any country in the region. [Its only goal] is to continue its sinister policies."


Interviewer: "We must see how long victory is claimed by both [Biden and Trump]. But how do you see the future of the JCPOA in the event that Biden wins? Biden himself has indicated that he would rejoin the JCPOA if the Iranians completely fulfill all of their obligations."


Araghchi: "Regarding the JCPOA, I must say that we will not be frightened if Mr. Trump remains in office, nor would we go out of our way for Mr. Biden.


"The path for returning to the JCPOA is not closed. We are not the ones who abandoned the JCPOA negotiations table with the 5+1. They are the ones who did this. They can return, but there are challenges. We must accept the fact that in the past four years, certain things have happened, and there have been some developments in the field and in the political space. We must address these things, discuss them, and reach understandings. The JCPOA is not some gate through which people can come and go as they please. There are rules. We would need to negotiate, but the way back is open. As our great leader [Khamenei] said, we will only have negotiations with America around the negotiations table of the 5+1. If they want to negotiate, they must return to this table in the framework of the 5+1, and not in a bilateral fashion.


"So we will wait and see if Mr. Biden officially rises to power, if the various Zionist and non-Zionist lobbies will allow America to change this policy, and the approach that [Biden] would adopt. Our interests will determine how we address America's request to rejoin the JCPOA. Naturally, as I mentioned, this would require preparations and discussions so that we would reach understandings regarding America's way back into the JCPOA."

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