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Jul 03, 2019
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Speakers at Iran's 4th Int'l Conference on Human Rights in America: U.S. Has No Right to Discuss Human Rights Because of Its Violations; Commander of Missile Battery That Shot Down U.S. Drone Deserves the Prize

#7360 | 08:35
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

On July 3, 2019, Ofogh TV (Iran) aired Iran's fourth Annual International Conference on Human Rights in America. A music video that was shown at the event showed cartoons of American soldiers and officials killing people, and the lyrics said: "We are aware that "human rights" is nonsense... We kill in cold blood and we laugh while doing it." Allahyar Malekshani, the Head of the Majlis Legal Committee, said that since America violates human rights, it is unfit to express an opinion and judge other countries in the matter. He said that the second Amendment, police violence, and abuse of women and Muslims are among America's human rights violations. A group of young men performed a song with the lyrics: "The heart of Tel Aviv is full of fear... We swear upon the grave of martyrs [to] remain together in the IRGC until the liberation of Jerusalem." Another video depicted ballistic missiles being launched at Israel. One of the awards was given to Iranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh, and TV personality and former MP Dr. Bijan Nobaveh-Vatan also won an award. Dr. Nobaveh-Vatan said: "The person who deserves this prize [is] the commander of the 3rd Missile Battery in Khordad... [By shooting down the American drone on June 20,] he wrinkled and squashed America's hegemony."

Song: "Nobody cares. Who doesn't think about these things? BBC is with us. CNN is with us. We are aware that 'human rights' is nonsense. We kill. We kill in cold blood, and we laugh while doing it. What is the U.N., anyway? We kill. We kill in cold blood, and we laugh while doing it. What is the U.N., anyway? We are aware that 'human rights' is nonsense. We kill... The world shuts its eyes so that we can hide missiles and so that we can cut off hands and legs. Who even thinks about who is a murderer and who is a criminal? The cameras are set on the World Cup. Really, this is such a good world!"

Allahyar Malekshahi: "A country that itself violates human rights is unfit and is in no way qualified to express an opinion or to judge other countries in the matter. A country that violates human rights cannot complain about humanitarian issues. I will now address a few cases of America's domestic human rights violations. This matter has been edited and published as a comprehensive report by the Majles' Committee for National Defense and Foreign Policy. One: The freedom to keep and bear arms is a violation of American citizens' lives. Last year, about 1,600 children and youth were murdered with firearms in that country.


“Police violence: In 2018 alone, during the ten months that the statistics refer to, 1,166 people were murdered by the police, and they were disproportionately black Americans. Unfortunately, these things are taking the form of something that is legal.


"Over a ten-month period in 2018, only in eight American states, 25 people were executed by lethal injection and by electric chair. Likewise, the violation of the rights of Muslims... The violation of the rights of religious minorities in America is very obvious. The violation of Muslims' rights in that country is in first place, particularly during the presidency of Mr. Donald Trump. Islamophobia and hostility towards Islam have reached the point that a woman in hijab visited an archeological site with her daughter in one of the states, but an American man attacked her and said: 'Since you are wearing a hijab go back to your country.' Violation of woman's rights in America: Every year in America, millions of American women are victims of domestic violence. The statistics show that at least one in five American women is raped during her lifetime, and about 43.9% of American women have tasted the taste of harassment during their lives."


Reporter: "Tell us about your statuette. How many people will receive this prize at the conference this year?"

Esmail Ajorlu: "This is a symbolic statuette that represents human rights in America. It is a man wrapped in the American flag. It will be given to six contestants who will win the national prize."


Song: "Our boiling love is stronger than a storm of missiles. The heart of Tel Aviv is full of fear and it is the target of our steadfastness. We swear upon the grave of martyrs, which is painted red like a flower by the blood of [Hassan] Tehrani Moghaddam, that we will all remain together in the IRGC until the liberation of Jerusalem.


"'Away with the humiliation' has become the glory of our power. We are free, and death as martyrs has become [a source of] honor and pride for us."

Video: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Allah Akbar!"

On screen: "Produced by the Center for Preservation and Publishing of the Creations of the IRGC Aerospace Force Missile Command."


Announcer: "Mr. Nader Talebzadeh, the winner of the National Prize for Television Production at the Fourth International Conference, and the [winner of the] National Prize for Exposing Human Rights in America. Please applaud Mr. Talebzadeh with great excitement! The statuette, which is in fact that national symbol... It's a great pleasure, sir... [The statuette is] the national symbol for exposing human rights in America, and Mr. Talebzadeh has won the honor and a monetary reward, as a sign of gratitude for years of creation and production of documentaries.


"For all these years, we have seen the unique articles of this senior journalist, and now we recognize him as a pundit. Please applaud the honorable Mr. Bijan Nobaveh for his years of honorable activity in the media. Dr. Bijan Nobaveh-Vatan! We also wish him good health."


Bijan Nobaveh-Vatan: "I think that the person who deserves this award more than any of us is not here today.


"I want him to hear my voice. I know his name, but I won't say it for security purposes. I dedicate my prize to the commander of the 3rd of Khordad Missile Battery. He had a lot of courage [in shooting down the American drone], just like the engineer [Zarghami] has said. He is the man who squashed America's hegemony."

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