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Jul 07, 2018
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Iranian Cleric Seyyed Mohammad Anjavinejad Harshly Criticizes the Regime for Corruption and Theft: Our Country Is Beyond Repair

#6698 | 02:21
Source: Online Platforms

Iranian cleric Seyyed Mohammad Anjavinejad recently delivered a sermon in a mosque in Shiraz in which he leveled harsh criticism against the Iranian regime. Denouncing the regime officials for what he described as widespread corruption among their families, Anjavinejad said: "They robbed you and me. We have no idea... how many billions each of those families conceals." Anjavinejad, who holds the religious title of Hujjat Al-Islam, is a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war. He lectures at Shiraz University and founded an institute specializing in cultural and educational matters. The sermon was posted on the Iranian Aparat website on July 7, 2018, and circulated on other social media sites.

Seyyed Mohammad Anjavinejad: "There is no doubt that 99% of our officials and their families do not face any economic, social, welfare, or educational problem.  99%! This has been the case throughout the 40 years of the revolution. There is no doubt about this. Our rulers constitute 4% (of the population). So what hope is left for us? I'm sitting here, complaining and shouting, but what's the use? There is none.


"It's 2018 now, and the officials are better off than they were in 2008. In 2008, they were better off than in 1998, in 1998, they were better off than in 1988, and in 1988, they were better off than in 1978. Before 1978, they were all poor. They did not inherit this from their fathers. They robbed you and me. We have no idea what comes in and what goes out, and how many billions each of those families conceals. Our country is beyond repair. It's beyond repair, people.


"They sit in their pavilions, enjoying good food. They fly first class, and talk in seminars all day. Forget it! I am sick and tired of them.


"They and their families have become accustomed to forbidden money. They have never suffered from the cold or the heat. They have never suffered from a water shortage. They have never been unable to enjoy life. We did not have a revolution only so that they could eat from our pockets and be our masters. In most cases, their families study abroad. For how long are we supposed to protect their interests?


"People say that they have not received their salaries for eight months. I ask the officials of the Islamic Republic: Have any of you not received your salary for eight months? How come your salary never stops? It is only the salaries of people who cannot afford to buy bread that are stopped."

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