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May 31, 2019
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Iranian Citizens in Messages to President Trump: We Will Punch You in the Mouth; You Would Not Dare Do Anything

#7281 | 02:16
Source: Khorasan Razavi TV (Iran)

On May 31, 2019, Khorasan Razavi TV (Iran) aired a report from the Quds Day Rally in Mashhad, Iran. One young boy told the reporter that he came to the march because the Americans treat the Palestinians poorly and in order to say "Death to America and Israel" to remind them that Iran can defeat them. When asked what they would tell President Trump if they spoke to him on the phone, several of the Iranians participating in the march told the reporter that Trump is not worth speaking to. People also "told" Trump that he wouldn't dare do anything to Iran, that the Iranians stand behind Khamenei's words, that Iran will not forget America's "acts of betrayal," and that the Iranians will "land a strong punch in the mouth of [the] arrogant people."

Reporter 1: "You came to participate in the Quds Day March this year right?"

Boy 1: "Yes."

Reporter 1: "What do you feel?"

Boy 1: "A good feeling."

Reporter 2: "Why did you come to the march?"

Boy 2: "All the Iranians come to the march only for one reason. The Americans have treated the Palestinians badly. We all come to the march to say 'Death to Israel and America' so that all the Americans will understand that we are still alive and that we can defeat them."

Reporter 3: "If you were told right now that Mr. Trump is waiting on the line and that you are supposed to speak with him, what would you tell him?"

Man 1: "I'll say to him: America, be angry at us, and die from that anger!"

Woman 1: "Mr. Trump, I just wanted to tell you something and hang up – because I will [only] spend time on someone who is worth it. I just came to tell you that I came here with my little friends, starting with my small son, and ending with the small children around me. I just want to prove this to you: Even if we are fasting and if we do not have the energy to march, we will come just to prove to you that we stand behind the Leader's words, and that we will resist until we put you in your place."

Man 2: "I have nothing to say to Mr. Trump, because whoever doesn't stand by his promise and his signature isn't worth speaking to. But we need to remind them that our people will not forget these acts of betrayal."

Woman 2: "He isn't worth speaking to. We are aware of the discord, and we have always been and continue to be an attentive people, and we will always resist the pressure."

Man 3: "Mr. Trump, you would not dare do anything. Look at the people. Look in the media. You wouldn't dare do anything."

Woman 3: "In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, you should be sure that you cannot do anything."

Man 4: "Know that with their presence, the people will land a strong punch in the mouth of you arrogant people."

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