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Jun 08, 2019
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Iranian Cartoon Depicts President Trump as Zionist-Controlled Bumbling Fool Who Aspires to Be on $100 Bill

#7288 | 02:31
Source: Al-Kawthar TV (Iran)

On June 8, 2019, Kawthar TV (Iran) aired a cartoon mocking U.S. President Donald Trump. The cartoon referred to Trump as "Trumpet" and showed him sawing Benjamin Franklin's face out of a large $100 dollar bill so he could climb in and replace him, only to be shoved out by Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. "Trumpet" was also shown sitting on a toilet while playing with a bubble blower that blew bubbles containing the Twitter logo, and he was shown conspiring with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and being held in the palms of Israel. In addition, "Trumpet" was shown running away from eggs and tomatoes that were being thrown at him, and he was "nuked" by bombs that had inched towards him as he commanded American soldiers.

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