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Nov 10, 2022
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Iranian Basij-Made Video Depicts American Police Turning A Blind Eye To School Shootings, Whites Cooking Blacks

#9941 | 02:08
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

On November 10, 2022, Channel 2 (Iran) aired an animated video produced by the Basij's Center for Digital Art that "analyzes" America's police. The video depicts irresponsible policemen harassing and targeting black Americans while letting white people get away with crime. In one scene, white people set fire to a black man. In another scene, a policeman shoots a black child who is playing with a handgun while ignoring a white boy who is on his way to carry out a school shooting. For more Iranian clips about American police, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 8103, 8051, 7360, and 7111.

Narrator: "In this episode, we would like to analyze the American police since the beginning of the [20th] century. 'My dear sir... Take your head out and don't eat with your mouth open.' What have the police been doing? This you will see on this show. One of the main jobs of the U.S. police is to protect the trash cans."

White police officer: "Stop! I want to eat you!"

White robber: "I am here. Hello sir. Hands up. Pass the dollars over. Well done, responsible citizen. I bid you farewell."

Narrator: "The blacks used to belong to the equator pole – sorry, it's not a pole, it's the Equator – and therefore, they suffered from the cold, so people tried to warm them up with their heat. They would say: 'This black is getting softer, that black is cooked, and the one over there is burning at the bottom of the pot.'"

White man on the street: "I have many meetings. I feel like doing this."

White police officer: "Eat away. Bon appetit."

White robber: "Here we go. Let's run away."

White police officer: "I won't do anything to you."

Narrator: "This is exactly what we say. He doesn't care about the robbery.

"But God forbid if in this entire mess, the child of a black suicide [bomber] would threaten a policeman with his gun. We do not flinch from any minor thing."

White child with a gun: "Mr. Policeman, I want to go to my school and carry out a massacre. Are you coming?"

White police officer: "You are a sweetheart, my child."

Black child with a gun: " Pew pew!"

White police officer: "Freeze! The target is hit, thank God! Dear sir, take your son away, so he won't see these sights. They might hurt his [delicate] soul."

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