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Aug 17, 2012
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Iranian Antisemitic Film "Saturday Hunter" Depicts Jews Massacring Arabs, Seeking God-Like Powers

#3560 | 20:13
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an Iranian movie titled "Saturday Hunter." The movie was broadcast on Channel 1, Iranian TV, on August 17, 2012.

A young boy, Benjamin, is brought to Israel by his mother, to be raised by his "blind" grandfather Hanan. He is awaited by a group consisting mainly of ultra-Orthodox Jews and armed uniformed soldiers.

The group exchanges greetings with Hanan:

Hanan: Shalom.

Man: Shalom.

Hanan: Shalom.

Man: Shalom.

An Arab man called Matin holds out a box with a pair of scissors to Hanan

Matin: It is ready, sir.

Hanan: Take this, Benjamin.

Benjamin takes the pair of scissors.

Hanan: When a person lives outside his homeland, he faces the energies and filth of evil Satanic spirits. In order to mark your magnificent return to your home and state of cleanliness, your soul must be purified.

Go and cut the ribbon.

Benjamin cuts a ceremonial ribbon, and immediately is showered with water from all sides as a sign of celebration.

Against the background sounds of Hasidic music, the crowd claps and celebrates.

Hanan: This is the beginning of the purification of the soul of a young Jewish man. Clothe him in the garments of the righteous believers.

Hanan removes Benjamin's baseball cap, and his jeans, red T-shirt, and sneakers are replaced by the black garments of the ultra-Orthodox. Hanan places a black hat on Benjamin's head.


The scene takes place in Hanan's home. Voices are heard from a room outside which Hanan stands.

Hanan: He is absolved.

Benjamin to Jacqueline the nurse: What are they doing?

Jacqueline: The sinners come here to be absolved of their sins.

Benjamin: How are they absolved?

Jacqueline: They pay indulgences. They pay money to your grandfather.

Benjamin: Can they be absolved of any sin?

Jacqueline: Yes, your grandfather can cleanse them of any sin.

Benjamin: Does my grandfather penalize them?

Jacqueline: No. He collects their money as a representative of God.

Inside the room, Hanan and two other men sit at a table, and several people await their turn to be judged.

Hanan: This is the penalty for those who ridicule the laws of Moses. You have to pay these indulgences. In order to escape the law of God, you must pay this money.

The God of the Jews is too lenient with you. If I were in His shoes, I would take your lives, not just your money.

Hanan holds up some money in one hand and rings a bell with his other hand.

Hanan: Absolved!

A man comes to the table to be judged.

Hanan: What has this one done wrong?

One of the men on the committee whispers in his ear: He skipped some of his prayers, didn't fast, and drank alcohol. He went to the Temple of Solomon and cursed the rabbis.

Hanan: He's done wrong! He's done wrong!

Hanan holds up some money in one hand and rings a bell with his other hand.

Hanan: Absolved!

Next idiot!


Matin is teaching Benjamin how to fire a gun. Hanan, Jacqueline, and others sit nearby.

Benjamin: This way?

Matin nods, and Benjamin takes aim at targets in the shape of women and children.

Benjamin: should I shoot now?

Martin nods

Benjamin shoots and falls backward from the force of the recoil. Matin runs to inspect the targets.

Matin: It didn't hit the target. Never mind. Better luck next time! Never mind.

Matin returns running to Benjamin's side, and hands him another gun.

Now shoot with this one. Hold it tight.

Benjamin shoots, and Matin runs toward the targets.

Matin: It hit the target.

Hanan: Very good. There you go.

Benjamin: Grandfather, I'm tired.

Hanan: You will get used to it, my child. Shoot again. Shoot.

Benjamin: I don't like it.

Hanan: That doesn't matter. God will be pleased. Shoot, my son. Shoot.

Matin! Come and load the gun.

Benjamin shoots again, and Matin runs toward the targets. Benjamin shoots again and again and again, hitting the targets.


Hanan stands at the head of a table of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Hanan: This is good soil. How much of this land can you give to God?

Man: As much as He wants.

Hanan: God is not strict with the Jews. How about going 50-50?

Man: We thank God for blessing us with Hanan's kindness.

Men: Amen.

Hanan: Amen.

Men: Amen.

Hanan: Amen.

Benjamin walks in carrying cups of coffee.

Benjamin: Shalom.

Men: Shalom.

Benjamin: Shalom.

Men: Shalom.

Benjamin: Shalom, Grandfather.

Hanan: Shalom, Benjamin. Jacqueline, bring the Book of God. Benjamin, take care of your eyes. Watching God's military campaign is very enjoyable.

Jacqueline: Here is the Book of God.

Jacqueline hands it over to Hanan.

Today is Saturday.

Hanan: Yes, that's right. Indeed, today is Saturday, but in order to satisfy God, we are permitted to exert efforts even on the Saturday.


Scene takes place in a field. Hanan is riding in a car and taking shots at the Arabs, who are fleeing for cover.

Hanan: I spit on the terrorists! Damn the infidels! I spit on them! Damn you terrorists! I will destroy you all. I will kill you all. I will destroy all of you.


Outside a house, Hanan and Benjamin stand together with several Arabs.

Hanan to the Arabs: You have three minutes to leave.


Matin: Yes, sir?

He takes Hanan's arm and leads him to the vehicle

Old man: We will never leave our land.

Hanan to Benjamin: Never look back.

Hanan's car careens through the land, and Arabs flee. Soldiers shoot at everybody.

Hanan to Matin: Drive through their land.

Fire rages through the home and the land.


A group of blind ultra-Orthodox Jews, led by Hanan with his hand on Benjamin's shoulder, goes down underground, whether ancient books are being forged.

Hanan to Benjamin: Now we are inside the luminous rock. Here God talks to me and reveals all the secrets and the new laws. He reveals them all here. The kohanim have the duty to write, and they fulfill this duty.

This new book will be the latest book written by God and myself, and it will contain all the laws and principles for the new Israel. Nothing will be left out. Very soon, you will be the new prophet.

Devout believers have the duty... for those still seeking old and dilapidated papers, our new book will be made to look old through and through. It will be as old as Creation itself.

Benjamin, do you know the latest good news from God?

Benjamin: No.

Hanan: "God and sow corruption among them, until men become women, and women become men." Then, no more children will be born, and the lineage of Jesus and Muhammad will cease to exist.


Scene takes place outside, where Hanan is driving through the land.

Hanan: I spit on the infidels. I spit on you infidels. Damn the terrorists. I spit on you. I spit on the damned infidels. Get lost. This is the Jewish homeland.

Elderly Arab man: Hanan, for many years you have been serving the children of Satan, not the children of Abraham.

Hanan slits the man's throat.

Hanan: "I will make the people who have been cruel to you eat their own flesh, and I will make them drunk on their own blood. At that moment, humanity in its entirety will know that I am the God who will set you free."

Hanan raises the Book of God high.

Carry out the law of God.

As Hanan and Benjamin leave, soldiers and ultra-Orthodox Jews fire at the house and then set fire to it.


Benjamin, dressed in army fatigues, is shooting his gun.

Hanan: Shoot, shoot. Don't be afraid. Shoot. Don't be a stupid idiot. You stupid idiot, shoot again. Shoot.

Benjamin: Grandfather, I can't do it.

Hanan: Don't be afraid. If god didn't want you to shoot, He would stop you right now. Shoot. Shoot.

Benjamin: The Torah says that murder is forbidden.

Hanan: You idiot. Only the murder of a Jew is forbidden. Nothing will happen to a Jew, even if he does not follow the laws of the Torah and the Talmud, and does not adhere to the Ten Commandments of Moses, or to the laws of God Himself. So shoot!

Benjamin shoots

Benjamin: I can't do it, Grandfather. In the name of God, let me go.

Hanan: Benjamin, are you shooting into the air? The whole world is waiting for you in silence. God Himself waits for you in silence, and you go and shoot into the air? Kill! Kill them before they kill you. Kill them, Benjamin!

Benjamin, crying, runs away

Hanan: In the name of God, I beg you...

Benjamin obeys his grandfather, and shoots again and again


An Arab boy, formerly a friend of Benjamin, approaches him

Arab boy: Benjamin, what are you doing here?

Benjamin slowly raises his head and shoots him.


Scene takes place within the ruins of a house

Benjamin to Hanan: I've killed them all.

Hanan: Well done.

I could see that my grandson would be able to do it.

Benjamin: So you are able to see, right?

Hanan: I can see much better than anyone with eyes can see. When people face somebody who is blind, they show their true colors more clearly, because they think that he cannot see them.

Sometimes you should let people think that you are deaf. Sometimes you should let them think that you are crazy. Then they reveal their true nature. You watch, you listen, and you understand.

These people are in a slumber, believing in what was promised to them.

Hanan throws the Book of God down into the water, then removes his hat, and his coat and throws them away too

One day, you will get rid of all of this, but you must never reveal what's within you to anyone, not even to me.

Trample on anything – even on me. As long as I live, you cannot be me.

Benjamin takes aim at his grandfather

Hanan: So trample on me too.

Benjamin hesitates

Hanan: Go ahead!

Benjamin shoots Hanan

Cut to the dead bodies lying outside the house


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