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Jan 21, 2020
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Iranian Animation Group Releases Video Depicting Countless Coffins of American Soldiers in “Aftermath” of Iranian Strike on Ayn Al-Asad Air Base

#7765 | 01:51
Source: The Internet - "SSAFF - Iranian animation group"

On January 21, 2020, an Iranian animation group called SSAFF uploaded an animated video titled “Ayn Assad” to the Iranian website aparat.com. The animation shows the “aftermath” of the January 8 Iranian attack on the Ayn Al-Asad airbase by depicting hundreds of coffins covered in U.S. flags that have skulls instead of stars. A helicopter is shown flying over the coffins, and the pilot says into his radio that there are “many corpses” that cannot be evacuated with one helicopter. The pilot then requests for an additional helicopter to be sent to evacuate the bodies. The animation ends with the following quote from Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: “They received a slap in the fact [that] night.”

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