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Nov 22, 2022
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In Viral Animated Video, Iranian-Led 'Resistance' Soccer Squad Beats U.S.-Led 'Human Rights' Team Consisting Of Trump, Bush, Obama, Bin Laden, Netanyahu, And ISIS; World Cup Match Ends With Execution Of Trump

#9959 | 08:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Iranian online sources"

An animated video depicting a "resistance" World Cup soccer team defeating a team comprised of Iran's enemies surfaced and spread on various online sources around November 22, 2022. The "United Resistance" team, coached by slain IRGC Qods Force Commander General Qasem Soleimani, is comprised of players from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Palestine, who are all replaced by children later in the game. The enemy team, which is referred to as the "human rights" team and which is coached by Uncle Sam, is comprised of the following "players," all depicted as overweight and brutish: former U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump; Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's former and recently re-elected prime minister; a big bully who turns out to be ISIS and who has a "Made in the USA" tattoo; former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson; Osama Bin Laden; Saddam; and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, referred to as "Bin Chubby." The referee in the game is wearing a United Nations shirt, and he repeatedly ignores infractions by the Human Rights team.

During the video, several allusions to Iranian conspiracy theories about events from the past several decades are made, including: George Bush's jersey number is 9/11; Osama Bin Laden launches explosives at his "teammate" George Bush, but Bush responds by beating up the resistance team's Afghan player, "as if these two unscrupulous [players] planned it all in advance"; George Bush and Uncle Sam beat up and steal oil from the Iraqi and Syrian players; Benjamin Netanyahu mesmerizes resistance team players by launching a social media attack against them; Uncle Sam forces a Ukrainian soldier to separate from his daughter to fight for U.S. interests; and Uncle Sam raises a poster bearing the anti-regime slogan "Woman, Life, Freedom."

In addition, the children who replace the adult players in the "resistance" team are emboldened by the Iranian song "Salute Commander" (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9719), and at the end of the video, an Iranian remote-control vehicle assassinates former U.S. President Donald Trump as he is sleeping on the soccer field after the match. The video is dedicated to the sons of the IRGC soldiers who were killed in Syria and to the sons of the security personnel killed in the recent protests.

Commentator: "In the name of God. We are with you in this match between the United Resistance team and the Human Rights team. Ali from Iran is the captain of the Resistance team. Ahmad is from Afghanistan, 'Imad from Lebanon, Karim from Syria, Abdallah with the cool goatee is from Yemen, Jassem is from Iraq, and the goalkeeper of the United Resistance team is Hamad from Palestine. The referee whistles and the game begins, so we don't have time to introduce the players of the Human Rights team.

"Bin Laden passes the ball to George Bush. George Bush chases the ball. Ahmad from Afghanistan is after him. What the hell is Bin Laden trying to do. He is hitting his own teammate. What was that? Now Bush hits Ahmad's leg. It is as if these two unscrupulous players planned it all in advance. Now [Bush] falls on Ahmad and gives him a proper beating. What kind of a game is this? The referee arrives at the scene, and we are waiting to see what this bald good-for-nothing decides. He just turned around and left!

"Bush takes a quick look at Jassem from Iraq and kicks the ball into Saddam's face. What was that? Jassem follows the ball and jumps, but George Bush uses Saddam as stairs. He climbs and kicks Jassem. Apparently, he stole something from him.

"Now Uncle Sam is walking towards [Saudi Crown Prince] Bin Chubby in order to send him in. Apparently, a fly is bothering him. To Hell with you! At least take a shower in those God-forsaken areas of yours. At any rate, there are a lot of flies next to 'milk cows.'"

Girl: "Daddy, daddy!"

Commentator: "It's an ad. What does it say? 'Life, Woman, Freedom'? Why is there an Iranian flag there? Step aside, let me see what's going on. Bin Chubby is chasing the ball, and now he is hitting Abdallah in the leg in an unsportsmanlike manner. Oh, someone hit Bin Chubby in the face with a shoe. She brings him to the ground.

Uncle Sam is really getting angry and he is hitting the little girl. They say this little girl is Ukrainian. How did Uncle Sam manage to...

"Now Obama is throwing the ball to the overgrown bully. Karim from Syria is coming to claim the ball... Oh Karim's head... He's hitting Karim real hard. He passes the ball to Trump. Netanyahu follows Trump like a mule. Well done! Hamad [from Palestine] hugs the ball, but they beat him like two idiots. How come the referee doesn't whistle for a foul?

"And the ball goes into the net for the Human Rights team. They begin to dance and twerk. That big bully is the forsaken ISIS! Uncle Sam takes the opportunity to loot Karim from Syria. The score is 1:0 for the Human Rights team. They have defiled everything."

Song: "Don't say that I'm short. If needed I will rise for you. Don't say that I'm short. I will finish the job like Mirza Kouchak [who rebelled against Reza Shah]."

Commentator: "A bicycle kick and the ball is in the net. Goal! Goal! The score is even. Apparently the new lineup of the Resistance team gave a proper answer. Uncle Sam is furious. The score now is 1:1.

"Netanyahu puts the ball in the center of the field. He seems to have a sinister plan in his hollow head. A kick by Netanyahu... What is happening? The children are just staring, as if they are under some spell."

Soleimani: "Ali, close your eyes!"

Song: "Just call me, and you'll see what I will do for you. Don't say that I'm too young. With my little hands, I pray for you all the time. Don't say that I'm too small. I swear by my mother and father to sacrifice everything for you. I will sacrifice everything for you."

Commentator: "Ali takes the ball and he starts running. Obama kicks Bin Chubby right in the belly. Ali now sends the ball near the corner flag. The kids need to kick the ball towards the net. Referee, where are you? Don't you see what is happening? How many bombs and TNT has this damned foundling strapped to himself? Well, he's not really a foundling. It says 'Made in the USA.' In addition, he signals a heart to Uncle Sam.

"Well done by this player. He tricks him and moves away from the scene. He detonates himself. What a powerful explosion. I hope nothing bad happened to our player. He starts to move.

"Boris Johnson — the mothers should pray for him to buy a comb. He turns his head and sees his teammate calling him. Well done! A deep pass to our player. Trump is still stuck in the net. A long kick! The referee checks his watch, and the ball goes into the net! Trump goes into the net along with the ball, and the final score is 2:1."

Song: "Salute, commander!"

Onscreen text: "Oh [Mahdi], son of Fatima, I am a friend of your friends and an enemy of your enemies."

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