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May 30, 2020
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Iranian Analyst Mohammad Marandi: Blacks In The U.S. Are Deprived - They Live In Slums And Have The Literacy Skills Of Iranian Third-Graders; All They Have Left Is Sports

#8037 | 02:11
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Iranian academic and political analyst Mohammad Marandi said in a May 30, 2020 interview on Channel 2 (Iran) that black people in the United States oftentimes live in slums and have education so poor that it is comparable to second- or third-grade education in Iran. He said that the media tells blacks that they are violent, smugglers, dancers, and so forth. Marandi stated that the only thing most blacks have left is sports. Marandi also discussed former U.S. President Barack Obama, saying that Obama had joined the establishment, became "one of them," and spoke of the Founding Fathers, even though they had been slave owners and he would have been a slave if he had lived during the same period that they had lived in.

Mohammad Marandi: "A black person who grew up in a deprived city with no proper school... The schools there are a disaster. In general, the school system in America - with the exception of the top universities - is not good, but in the black areas, it is worse than everywhere else. People graduate high school without knowing how to read or write. Then this kid..."

Host: "Are you kidding? They graduate high school without knowing how to read or write?"

Marandi: "Is it not so?"

Host: "But the image of the American school system is so different."

Marandi: "In many of America's deprived cities and areas - they call them 'slums' - the schools are really bad and are not safe. Students simply move on to the next grade. Their reading and writing skills are at the level of second or third grade in Iran. They really cannot read properly. So they are poor and deprived. They cannot enroll in a university. They did not attend a proper school. The TV constantly tells them that they are violent smugglers, dancers, and so forth. Well, this is the result. All they have left is sports... Obviously, I am not saying that they are all like that. Some of the blacks are in the middle class, some have gotten rich, some have become university professors, and some of them become like Mr. Obama. But Obama himself has joined the establishment and become one of them. When Obama would make a speech, he would talk about 'our Founding Fathers' - that America's founders were like that. All of America's founders had been slave owners. If Obama lived back then, he would have been one of their slaves, yet he repeats their rhetoric."

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