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Jun 18, 2022
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Iranian Political Analyst Emad Abshenas Criticizes Syria For Not Responding To Israeli Attacks: Iran Sent Weapons To Syria To Be Used In Confrontation With Israel

#9642 | 03:15
Source: Alghad TV (Egypt)

Iranian political analyst Emad Abshenas, the Editor-in-Chief of Iran Diplomatic, said in a June 18, 2022 show on Alghad TV (Egypt) that Israel wants to ignite a war in the Middle East, but that it wants to do it through the United States or the Arab countries. He said that Israel's recent "provocations" regarding the Karish oil field in the Mediterranean Sea could have ignited a war in the region, that Iran has supplied Hizbullah with the weapons to target the extraction vessels, and that it is only the balance of power between Iran, Russia, and others in the region that prevented war. In addition, Abshenas said that the Iranians are pressuring Syria to attack Israel and respond to its attacks in Syrian territory, and he said that Iran has been preparing for a confrontation with Israel for 30 years. Moreover, he said that all the weapons that Iran has been sending for Syria are in preparation for war with Israel.

Emad Abshenas: "Israel wants to ignite war in this region, but it wants to do it through others. At times it tries to do it though the Arab countries, and at other times, through the United States. Now, we need to wait and see what happens. Israel's provocations in Lebanon's territorial waters a week ago could have ignited a war in the region. Hizbullah would have definitely attacked those [FSPO] ships. The Iranians gave Hizbullah weapons that can target these ships. If not for the cooperation of Iran and Russia, and the balance of power in the region, war between Lebanon and Israel might have been ignited.


"Even though Russia officially opposes a [Turkish] operation in [northern Syria], I do not expect the Russians to be upset if Turkey launches a limited operation in Syria, because in a way, this would legitimize the Russian operation in Ukraine.

"With regard to Israel, its attack on Damascus International Airport provides the Iranians with an excuse to put the pressure on Syria. One of the problems that have faced the Iranians in Syria so far is the Syrian government's refusal to respond to the Israeli attacks, or to open a battle front in southern Syria.

"Today, the Iranians are placing a lot of pressure on the Syrian government, because it is time to respond to the Israeli attacks. Sooner or later, the Syrian government will accept this, and then maybe...

"All the weapons that are being sent today to Syria... All the Iranian preparations are for a confrontation with Israel, and they are waiting for the right moment. Whether Israel initiates such a confrontation or the Iranians... All the Iranian preparations in the past 20 or 30 years are for a confrontation with Israel. All of the weapons that have been sent and so far, have not been used, are meant for a confrontation with Israel. [Iran] needs a reason to persuade the Syrian government [to respond], and today Israel is providing this excuse."

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