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Feb 24, 2016
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Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon: Iran Will Give $7,000 to the Family of Every "Martyr of the Jerusalem Intifada"

#5348 | 02:54
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad FathAli pledged that Iran would give a sum of $7,000 to the family of every "martyr of the Jerusalem Intifada." Speaking at a press conference held in Beirut on February 24, FathAli further said that Iran would give a sum of $30,000 to "any family whose house was destroyed by the occupation, because one of its members participated in the Jerusalem Intifada against the Zionist occupiers."

Amb. Mohammad FathAli: "We extend our utmost respect and appreciation to the jihad-fighting Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem and in Palestine, for their great jihad and sacrifices, their martyrs, prisoners, and wounded. We all hope, and we have full confidence in Allah, that the blood of the martyrs will liberate Palestine – Palestine in its entirety, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This is not beyond the power of Allah.


"The moment the blessed Islamic Revolution in Iran was victorious, the flag of Palestine was raised [above the Israeli Embassy] and the flag of the plundering Zionist entity was taken down and burned. Tehran, the capital of the revolution, hosted the first Palestinian embassy in the world, thus declaring the beginning of the age of victories of the oppressed over the arrogant, with the fall of the tyrant, and the establishment of the Iranian Islamic Republic, which has supported the causes of the oppressed around the world, and first and foremost of the beloved Palestinian people.


"Dear brothers, in keeping with our Islamic and human principles, we denounce the Zionist occupation and its crimes, and we invest all the capabilities at our disposal in fighting it, in order to vanquish it and bring about its demise.


"The Iranian Islamic Republic, as has been its practice, and in keeping with its support for the oppressed Palestinian people – support that was never stopped and was never influenced by anything, and despite all the years of oppressive sanctions – has decided to give sums of money, which would help the jihad-fighting Palestinian people to remain steadfast on its land, to confront the occupation and to alleviate its suffering. The decision is, first of all, to provide the family of every martyr of the Jerusalem Intifada against the occupation with the sum of $7,000.

"Secondly, a sum of $30,000 will be given to any family whose house was destroyed by the occupation because one of its members participated in the Jerusalem Intifada against the Zionist occupiers."

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