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Dec 19, 2020
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Iranian Ambassador To China Mohammadi Keshavarz Zadeh: The Relationship Between Iran And China Is Heart To Heart – Not Just Official Basis; We Can Serve As A Bridge Between China And Europe, The Middle East

#8549 | 01:11
Source: CGTN Network (China)

Mohammad Keshavarz Zadeh, Iran’s Ambassador to China, said in a December 29, 2020 English-language interview on CGTN (China) that the Iranian and Chinese people have been connected to each other for a thousand years through the Silk Road. He said that the relationship is a heartfelt relationship, not only one on an official or government basis. Keshavarz Zadeh also said that in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, Iran can serve as a bridge between China and Europe and the Middle East.

Mohammadi Keshavarz Zadeh: "The relations between Iran and China are not just on the basis of the officials or the government – they are heart to heart. The people of Iran and the people of China have been connected to each other for a thousand years through the Silk Road. The people of Iran know China. There is even a Persian proverb: 'If you want science, you should go to China.'"

Interviewer: "The Silk Road, as you mentioned... What is the Belt and Road Initiative? What real benefits has the Belt and Road initiative brought to Iran today?"


Zadeh: "Iran has a good opportunity because, geographically, it is based between east and west, so we are like a bridge. We can provide such opportunity for the BRI to connect to Europe and the Middle East."

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