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Dec 24, 2005
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Iranian Affairs Specialist Ali Nourizadeh on the Holocaust, on Ahmadinejad's Declarations and Deeds, and on the Coming of the Shiite Messiah

#1003 | 03:23
Source: Abu Dhabi TV

Following are excerpts from an interview given by Iranian affairs specialist Ali Nourizadeh, which was aired on Abu Dhabi TV on December 24, 2005.

Ali Nourizadeh: I'd like to make a comment about the Holocaust. Mr. Roger Garoudy changed his name and his views several times. One day he supports Colonel Qaddafi, and the next, Imam Khomeini. He converted to Islam and became Rajja Garoudy. Mr. Roger Garoudy is not someone we can rely on. We have thousands of hours of documentaries about the Holocaust. The Holocaust, this massacre, did indeed happen. We are not in any dispute about the Holocaust. However, some historians say that the number of Jews [killed] did not exceed five or four million. But the massacre itself did take place. They have doubts about the figures, not about the Holocaust itself.

If you were to say to a Kurd: "I deny the Halabje massacre," how would this Kurd feel? If you were to say to an Iranian Kurd from the village of Qarna that there was no massacre of the Iranian Kurds there by Ahmadinejad and his ilk...

Interviewer: The same goes for the Armenians and the Turks...

Ali Nourizadeh: The Jewish people view the Holocaust as something that must never recur. Therefore, when Ahmadinejad says that the Holocaust never happened and that it is a myth, this humiliates an entire people...

Interviewer: ...and may be some sort of provocation as well...


Ali Nourizadeh: I believe that those who consider Ahmadinejd's declarations to be a slip of the tongue are not familiar with the man, with his background, or with the people who support him.

Ahmadinejad is a front for a group of the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij, and the intelligence. They are the ones who paved his way to power. Ahmadinejad believes that the regime is threatened by Israel and the U.S. - Ahmadinejad and those who support him.

These people believe that instead of waiting for Israel to determine the timing of its strike, we must encourage the Israelis to strike us, because Ahmadinejad and his gang need a new "Karbala" in Bushehr. They are looking for a new Karbala - the Karbala of Bushehr. Today, any Iranian who wants to make a pilgrimage to Karbala can go to Iraq, but they need a new Karbala, new zeal, a new legend.


We must not forget that Ahmadinejad is a man who financed the establishment of a suicide unit in Iran. Two weeks ago, several Revolutionary Guards commanders convened, and now there are more than a thousand volunteers for suicide operations in Iraq, in Arab countries in the Persian Gulf and in other regions.

They believe that their war is coming, and that the Hidden Imam [Messiah] will appear after this war. This is the backward belief that Ahmadinejad defends.

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