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Jul 23, 2021
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Iranian Actress Setare Maleky: My Father Died Following Khamenei's Ban On Foreign COVID-19 Vaccine; You Should Fear People Like Me; We Are No Longer Afraid Of You; We Despise You

#8993 | 02:54
Source: Online Platforms - "Setare Maleky on Instagram"

Iranian actress Setare Maleky said that the Iranian regime is publishing false data about coronavirus casualties, so Iranians don't realize how many people died as a result of Khamenei's religious prohibition of the use of the foreign-made coronavirus vaccine. She made her remarks in a video posted on her Instagram account on July 23, 2021. Maleky said that her father had died two weeks before the video, because he was denied access to the vaccine. She added that the Iranian regime is the "greatest dictatorship in history" and that Iran's leaders are "murderers." Maleky accused the regime of opening fire at the youth of Khuzestan," because they were "thirsty." She said: "We despise you. We hate you." Maleky added that the people of Iran "are enraged and our rage is growing. It outgrows your power." She cautioned the regime to fear "people like me" and said: "I am not afraid of you anymore. I have nothing left to fear for."

Setare Maleky: "Hello. I apologize for the pain you must be seeing in my eyes, but I still believe that the pain in my words is deeper. I am sitting here, next to my father. Today, it has been two weeks that my father is no longer in this world, because of the coronavirus. My father dies on the day that people in Europe danced in the streets because their teams advanced a stage [in the European Football Championship]. In the stadium, thousands of people were sitting side by side without face masks. All of this is possible because of the vaccine miracle. The vaccine!

"One man [Khamenei] in my country said a few months back that no foreign-made vaccine was allowed into this country, and that it was religiously prohibited. The result of pronouncing the vaccine haram is where I and many others are now sitting. You are the greatest dictatorship in history. You are the greatest liars in history. On the day of my father's funeral, all the monitors at the Behesht-e Zahra [graveyard] were turned off. We know why. It is because the data you provide [about COVID casualties] is a lie. You do not want people to realize how many of them you kill every day. You are murderers.


"You opened fire at the youth of Khuzestan for the crime of being thirsty. We – the millions of people of this country – share each other's pain. Every day, you rob each one of those millions of the right to live, using another pretext. We despise you. We despise you. We hate you. We are enraged and our rage is growing. It outgrows your power. Be afraid. Fear people like me whose rage is increasing and outgrows your power. I am not afraid of you anymore. I have nothing left to fear for. Our rage is stronger than your power. We despise you."

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