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Nov 06, 2022
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Iran Unveils Sayyad 4B Missile For The Bavar-373 Air Defense System – Minister Of Defense Ashtiani: Many Countries Would Wish To Have Such A System

#9917 | 02:02
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

On November 6, 2022, Channel 2 (Iran) aired a report in which Iran unveiled the new Sayyad 4B missile, for use in the locally-made Bavar-373 air defense system. According to the report, the missile has a range of 300 kilometers, has been tested against Karrar-type drones, and is being deployed in the northern area of the Persian Gulf, covering the entire area. Speaking about the missile, Iranian Minister of Defense Mohammad-Reza Gharaei Ashtiani said that many technologically advanced countries wish they had such a system. For more about the Bavar-373 air defense, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 8228 and 7435.

Mohammad-Reza Gharaei Ashtiani: "I think there are many technologically [advanced] countries in the world that wish they had such a system."

Reporter: "Minister of Defense [Ashtiani] unveiled an old aspiration of the Iranians, which is the aspiration of many countries of the world, the Sayyad 4B missile, which was produced by the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics."

Soldier: "We are starting the long-range flight test of the Bavar [air defense system]. Countdown: Three, two, one. Oh Fatima Al-Zahraa."

Reporter: "Here is Iran's central desert. This is a test of the newest missile of the Bavar-373 air-defense system. In a few moments, it will destroy its target 300 km away. The target is the Karrar UAV, which is nearly five meters long. The missile locked on to the target.

Soldiers: "Destruction notice. Destruction notice. Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! "

Reporter: "The Karrar UAV [travels] at a height of 30 km and at a speed of 700 km/h and it hits the missile at eight times the speed of sound.


"This means that once a battery of this system is deployed, for instance, in the northern Persian Gulf, the entire region will be covered by the Bavar's radar and missiles."


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