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Mar 11, 2017
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Iran Unveils a New Tank

#5947 | 02:22
Source: Press TV (Iran)

On March 12, Iran's Press TV reported on the unveiling of the country's first locally produced tank, which, it said, is "one of the world's most advanced" tanks, with "immense destructive power." Iranian Defense Minister Dehghan, speaking at the unveiling ceremony in Tehran, said that while Iran posed no threat to any country, it would "respond to any threat vigorously."


Anchor: "Iran has unveiled its first advanced battle tank, named 'Karrar.' The production line was inaugurated concurrent with the unveiling ceremony in the capital Tehran. Press TV's Hamid Javani has has more on that story."


Hamid Javani: "Iran adds to its military equipment on the ground. The Iran-made advanced battle tank 'Karrar' has become operational, and is being mass-produced, giving Iran's ground forces a significant boost. The armored vehicle possesses laser target designation technology with immense disruptive power. High mobility, an electro-optical jammer, along other advanced features place this tank among the world's most advanced."


Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan: "It is our nation's resolute decision to be at its highest level of defense preparedness in the face of any possible threat, and we don't have any political nor geographical ambition ever against any country."


Hamid Javani: "The newly unveiled battle tank is also capable of firing laser-guided missiles and is equipped with the latest camouflage techniques against armor-piercing weaponry. Iran's minister of defense stressed that the Islamic Republic's military prowess is a must in the face of the present threats that the country faces."


Hossein Dehqan: "Our enemies in the region and around the world try to portray Iran's military might as a threat to others, in order to instigate fear and justify their arms sales and their physical presence in the region. Iran is no threat to anyone, but will respond to any threat vigorously."


Hamid Javani: "The Defense Minister also proposed that the countries in the region must collectively move toward developing a security model leading to a safer region, bearing in mind that the presence of foreign countries can never guarantee their security.


"With less than a week from the unveiling of Iran's indigenous multi-purpose helicopter Saba 248, the Islamic Republic puts its first advanced battle tank in display, and this is in line with the country's policy to constantly upgrade its military capabilities. Hamid Javani, Press TV, Tehran."


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