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Jun 04, 2020
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Iranian Media Producer Muzaffer Hyder: A Satanic Zionist Agenda Is Behind Everything Happening Today In America; People In America Should Leave Or Resist Like The Palestinians Do

#8103 | 04:47
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Pulse on YouTube"

Media producer Muzaffer Hyder said in a video that was uploaded to the Islamic Pulse YouTube channel on June 4, 2020 that American authorities may have instigated violence during the protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd in a fashion similar to how he said they backed violence in Iran during the November 2019 protests. He said that some American policemen collect KKK memorabilia, and he claimed that "Zio-America" is behind the concept of racial superiority since Zionists consider Jews to be superior to non-Jews. In addition, Hyder said that America fights Islam because Islam rejects racism and he claimed that the current events can be traced back to "the Satanic Zionist agenda." Warning viewers in America to get out of America or resist against the system like the Palestinians do, Hyder said that the slogan of all "free-minded" and "free-spirited" people in the world is: "Death to America!" Hyder, who was born in Britain, currently lives in the Iranian city of Qom, where he studies Shi'ite Islam and is a producer for Islamic Pulse.

Muzaffer Hyder: "Could it be that the American authorities are creating the chaos themselves as a pretext to use brute force against the people? Hey, it wouldn't be the first time that America has used such a strategy. In fact, they used the same strategy in Syria. Remember all the support that America showed for the 'Free Syrian Army.' They tried to do the same thing in Iran. When peaceful protests took place, they were hijacked by American-funded goons. America wanted to use this as an excuse to attack Iran.


"U.S. media tries to paint law enforcement agencies, like the police and FBI, as positive. Look at all these funny relatable characters. Fat, lazy, and stupid but nice guys nonetheless, comedic, good, a force for hope and stability. But this is not the reality of the police in America - this is. The white supremacist Ku Klux Klan cult is a racist American hate group whose primary target is black people. We should not be surprised when we hear about police officers in America turning out to have KKK memorabilia.


"The systematic discrimination in America mirrors precisely the ideology of Satan himself. Zio-America - more than any institution or ideological system today - has perpetrated and propagated this notion of the superiority of one people over another.


"To this day, the Zionist Jews are considered superior to the non-Jews in Palestine and whites are considered superior to non-whites in America. This idea has been so severely pushed through the media institutions of America, that we don't even recognize it to be racism anymore.


"Islam is the religion that establishes brotherhood between all races, ethnicities, and cultures, and guides humanity to come together for the common cause of worshipping one God. And it teaches us to reject Satan, to reject the devil, and to push back against the enemy forces of Satan. That's why America has done everything it could to demonize Islam and to begin the war on Islam, so that the one thing that has the power to free all oppressed people globally from the shackles of modern tyranny, would appear as something bad, crooked, and evil.


"Make no mistakes, all of what we see happening goes back to the Zionist Satanic agenda. This is America! And this is one of the many reasons why Imam Khomeinei labeled America as the Great Satan.


"America's global terrorism, bullying, arrogance, domestic oppression, moral decadence, financial slavery, discrimination, and racial profiling affects you, whoever you are and wherever you are. In one way or the other, you, too, are either a willing slave that submits to what the Great Satan America wants or you are a radical, a terrorist, a criminal, or an enemy of the state. And in America, at the front line to practically implement their superiority over others - you will find the police. If you are in America, either get out now or be prepared to fight the system. Just like Palestinians, you are going to need to resist to exist. This is why the slogan of all free-minded and free-spirited people across the world is: 'Death to America!'


"Just saying 'Death to America!' is like a punch in the face of the Pharaohs, the Yazids, and the oppressive tyrannical system of today. Not everyone will be brave enough to say this slogan, and that's fine. People inside America already say:"

Man 1: "Death to America!"

Man 2: "Death to America! That's right!"

Hyder: "People inside America are burning American flags. The American flag was ripped down from Trump tower. The 'Death to America' slogan was trending in America itself on Twitter. The slogan of 'Death to America' is a slogan that allows the heart to defy the modern slavery of America, to break free from the shackles that America has placed on everyone's minds, and to highlight the real, practical, and undeniable enemy that is America. So say with your chest out and your head up: Death to the New World Order! Death to America!"

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