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May 07, 2021
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Iranian TV Airs Video Recreating Soleimani Killing, Attack On Ayn Al Asad Air Base, Simulates Iranian-Backed Militias Attacking IDF Forces, Liberating Al-Aqsa Mosque With The Help Of Angels

#8893 | 03:16
Source: Khorasan Shomali TV (Iran)

An animated video titled "Peace to Jerusalem" was aired on Khorasan Shomali TV (Iran) on May 7, 2021. The video recreated the killing of Qods Force commander Qasem Soleimani. In the video, Soleimani is heard saying that the "the victory over the plunderers of humanity" is near, and that the "tree of resistance" has sent branches to every corner of the world. Soleimani says: "Now, I can peacefully and calmly achieve what I desired all my life," and asks to be accepted as a martyr. The video then showed a recreation of the attack on Ayn Al-Asad U.S. air base. The video went on to show a hypothetical attack by Iranian-backed militias against IDF forces, which concluded with the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. All this is made possible by the angels of Allah who facilitate the militias' victories.

Soleimani: "Those who say, 'Our Lord is Allah,' and then remain steadfast, the angels descend upon them, saying: 'Do not fear, nor grieve. Rather, rejoice in the good news of Paradise, which you have been promised.'

"Not much time is left before dawn, and the victory of the barefooted and oppressed over the plunderers of humanity. Then, the palaces of arrogance will collapse and the shackled countries released. The tree of resistance has grown big and strong that it has sent branches to every corner of the world, and every moment, a new bud appears on its body. Now, I can peacefully and calmly achieve what I desired all my life. Lord, accept me in my purity."


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