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May 07, 2021
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Iranian TV Video: Zionists Exploited The 'Myth Of The Holocaust' To Establish The State Of Israel, As The First Phase In Their Plot To Take Over The World

#8860 | 02:13
Source: Aftab TV (Iran)

An animated video that aired on Aftab TV (Iran) called "The Big Lie" claims that the Zionists exploited the "myth of the Holocaust" in order to establish the State of Israel, which is the first phase in their plot to take over the world. The video claims that the goal of establishing the State of Israel was to gather the Jews in a specific place, a central spot at the convergence of the three continents, and to create a "safe zone" for the West in the heart of the Muslim area. The video aired on May 7, 2021, when Jerusalem Day is commemorated in Iran.

Narrator: "In the early 1880s [sic], in France, several members of the international agency of the Zionists relied on the fabricated story about the massacre of 6 million Jews in WWII. And in order to prevent people from forgetting that this group is oppressed, they prepared a bill and had it ratified. It stipulated that doubting the Holocaust is considered a violation of the law. Whoever violates this law is sentenced to one month to one year in prison, and has to pay a fine of 200,000—300,000 francs. After France, this law was ratified in the other European countries.

"Against the backdrop of the World War, the first phase of the Zionists' project of taking over the world began. Due to the oppression of the Zionists by the Christian world, they had to move elsewhere, and what place could be better than West Asia and Palestine? From the perspective of the Zionists, the establishment of the State of Israel is the outcome of the imaginary oppression from which they had suffered.

"We can conclude by saying that the West's motives to highlight the issue of the Holocaust are as follows: 1. To completely evacuate the Jews from their countries to a specific place. 2. To give the Jews a central spot where the three continents meet, and to place Israel in West Asia. 3. To create a safe zone for the West in the heart of the Muslim areas, in order to monitor the West's security interests from within. This is how, by means of their biggest lie, the Zionists occupied the land of another people."

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