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Jan 13, 2021
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Iranian TV Host On The Vaccine Trials Of 'Zionist Tycoon' Bill Gates: 'Are We Lab Rats?'; Iranian Stem Cell Scientist Masoud Soleimani: They Consider Themselves A Superior Race

#8836 | 02:56
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Iranian TV host Davoud Moradian asked Iranian stem cell scientist Masoud Soleimani about the "Zionist tycoon" Bill Gates' foundation's clinical trials of vaccines in India and Africa. He asked: "Is the life of a Western person worth more than ours? Are we lab rats?" Soleimani replied that "they see themselves as the superior race." The interview was aired on Ofogh TV (Iran), on January 13, 2021. Soleimani was arrested by U.S. authorities for attempting to export biological material to Iran in 2018. He was convicted and served time in U.S. prison. He was released in 2019 as part of a prisoner swap deal.

Davoud Moradian: "There is an issue in the world of people who refuse to rely on western drugs and vaccines. Is this a conspiracy theory, or is there something to it?


"Look, we are facing a Zionist tycoon named Bill Gates. He has a foundation that is ostensibly humanitarian. It is meant to be a humanitarian foundation and it deals with vaccines and drugs as well. My question is this: In Indian society, and in the remote villages of India... If we want to deal with this from a humanitarian perspective... Should the priority be for uterine cancer vaccine trials or should priority be given to building toilets?"

Masoud Soleimani: "Toilets, obviously. If they don't really have the basics, the rest doesn't really..."

Moradian: "But we see that Bill Gates has got himself involved in this. [Bill Gates] weighed in on the issue of uterine cancer, and the result is catastrophic. The [vaccine] was tested on 23,000 young Indian women. 1,200 women have had severe side effects and seven have died. This even caused the Indian government to react. If their perspective is humanitarian, why didn't they test it in Ohio? Why did they use it in Indian villages?"

Soleimani: "They see themselves as the superior race, as they call themselves in their own words... They say that they are in the forefront in many things they do, up to the point where the drug is tested, and later too. This happened with many other drugs as well."


Moradian: "In 2010, the Gates Foundation conducted a three-phase malaria vaccine experiment in Africa.


"151 babies were killed. Their families did not know about it. They did not know about the injections. So 151 babies were killed, 10,048 babies out of 5,000... Sorry, 1,048 babies out of 5,000 – that's more than a fifth – had severe side effects: paralysis, sudden disease, seizures... Is the life of a Western person worth more than ours? Are we lab rats?"

Soleimani: "Yes, when they see themselves as the superior race..."

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