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Jun 13, 2019
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Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei to Japanese PM Abe: Trump Not Worthy of Exchanging Messages with Me

#7298 | 02:23
Source: The Internet - "khamenei.ir"

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei met with Japanese PM Shinzō Abe on June 13, 2019, and in a video of their meeting that was uploaded on the same day to Khamenei's official website, khamenei.ir, the Iranian leader said that he would not send any messages to U.S. President Donald Trump because he did not view Trump as someone worthy of exchanging messages with him. Khamenei said that the U.S. and Trump are not capable of conducting fair negotiations with Iran and that Iran's problems cannot be resolved through negotiations with America. He added that the U.S. is incapable of bringing down Iran's regime and that the U.S. has no authority to say whether other countries should or shouldn't have nuclear weapons. He also said that Iran opposes nuclear weapons.

Ali Khamenei: "With regard to what you said on behalf of Trump – I have no answer to Trump's message. I'll tell you certain things, but I won't be sending him any message, because I don't see Trump as someone who is worthy of a message exchange.


"He says: 'We are willing to conduct fair negotiations with Iran.' We do not believe this at all. A man like Trump is incapable of fair negotiations. Fairness is very rare among American officials.


"We do not believe that any of our problems will be resolved through negotiations with America. The Americans have been as hostile as possible towards us. They continue to act this way. No free nation would agree to negotiations under pressure.


"Our problem with America is not whether it wants or does not want to change the regime in Iran. Even if it has this intention, it is incapable of doing it. U.S. presidents have been trying to destroy the Islamic Republic for 40 years and couldn't. If [Trump] could, he would do it. He lies when he says that he has no such intention. He would if he could, be he can't.


"[The U.S.] talks about nuclear weapons, but it keeps thousands of nuclear warheads in its arsenal. It does not have the authority to say whether a certain country should or should not have nuclear weapons. We do have that authority, because we oppose nuclear weapons."

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