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Oct 22, 2022
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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi: Countries That Would Not Even Sell Us Barbed Wire Now Want To Buy Our Advanced Military Products

#9888 | 01:00
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi said in an October 22, 2022 public address aired on IRINN TV (Iran) that when he travels abroad, he is approached by foreign leaders who ask to purchase Iranian-made military equipment. He compared this to the past, when countries were not even willing to sell barbed wire to Iran, and he said that the foreign leaders want Iranian military products because they are "more advanced" than equipment in the rest of the world.

Ebrahim Raisi: "Until recently, our military industry did not even have barbed wire, and they would not give it to us. Today, in New York, in Samarkand, when I meet with heads of state, they ask me: 'You don't want to sell us the products of your military industries?'

"This is peculiar. You would not sell our country barbed wire, and now you want our military products? [I ask them]: 'Why don't you go and buy this equipment elsewhere?' They say: 'No. Your industry is more advanced. It is different from the rest of the world.'"

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