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Nov 05, 2020
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: No Matter Who Wins The Elections, The Next U.S. Administration Will Surrender To The Iranian People

#8429 | 01:17
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

In a November 5, 2020 address, which was aired on IRINN TV (Iran), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke about the 2020 American presidential elections. He said that it is not important who wins the presidential race, because "the next [American] administration will undoubtedly surrender to the Iranian people." He added that Iran can "undoubtedly" force its enemies to impellent the law, regulations, and their commitments, once again.

Hassan Rouhani: "I am certain that the Iranian people will eventually emerge victorious. Regarding the elections in America, whether the results will become clear tonight or tomorrow and we will know who won – this is not important. It is not important who wins. The next [American] administration will undoubtedly surrender to the Iranian people. They have no other path but to surrender to the law, the regulations, to the pressure of public opinion, and to the perseverance and resistance of this great nation.


"Our people will not stop. Our people will not kneel and will not bow down before this pressure. We can undoubtedly succeed in the face of our enemies, and we can force them to implement the law, the regulations, and the commitments, again one day, inshallah."

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