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May 02, 2023
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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi: Iran's Initial Response To Any 'Small Step' By The Zionist Entity Will Be Its Annihilation; The New World Order Serves The Interests Of The Resistance

#10267 | 03:05
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi issued threats against Israel in a May 2, 2023 interview with Mayadeen TV (Lebanon). He said that if Israel makes a "small step" against Iran, then Iran's first response would be to annihilate it. President Raisi reiterated that any "foolish act" will be its last one. He further stated that the "Zionist entity" cannot even provide security within it and that it can't even confront the young Palestinian resistance fighters inside it, so it cannot possibly even "talk" about attacking Iran. President Raisi added that these are nothing but "empty threats" on the part of Israel, and that no one in the world takes them seriously. He said that it has "become clear" that peace treaties such as the Oslo and Camp David Accords cannot provide the "Zionist entity" with security, and that circumstances are not determined on the negotiations table, but by the mujahideen. President Raisi stated that the new world "circumstances" serve the interests of the resistance and not the Zionist entity.

President Ebrahim Raisi: "Today, the Zionist entity cannot even deal with the young Palestinians, and cannot even defeat Gaza or deal with the West Bank. It cannot even provide security within [Israel]. The circumstances have changed significantly.

"In the past, it was said around the world that the Zionist entity, with the support of the United States, was striving to sign agreements, like the Sharm Al-Sheikh Memorandum, the Oslo Accords, the Camp David Accords, and similar agreements.

"Today, it is clear to everybody that even these agreements cannot provide security to the [Zionist] entity. These agreements have lost their power. The circumstances are not determined at the negotiations table. The circumstances are determined by the Palestinian mujahideen.


"[Khamenei said] that the order and circumstances in the new world have taken an opposite direction to the unipolar world [theory] that was prevalent before. Today, the circumstances proceed in favor of the resistance axis, and against the Zionist entity. As we see today, the Zionist entity is fading away, day after day. The situation in the occupied lands is unprecedented.

"The [Israelis] are fighting among themselves, clearly showing, as we believe, that [Israel] will disappear before the time set in the promise made by Iran's Islamic Republic.


"The current circumstances of the new world order serve the interest of the resistance and are against the Zionist entity. To sum up my answer, I would like to state clearly that the threats made by the Zionist entity from time to time are empty threats, and they themselves know it. These threats are not based on any real power.

"The proof is that they cannot even confront the young resistance fighters in the Palestinian lands and throughout the region, so how can they even talk about attacking Iran? This discourse is comic. Nobody in the world believes this or takes this seriously. They are laughing about the Zionist entity's empty threats.


"We have declared, time and again, that if that entity makes the slightest step against the Islamic Republic of Iran, our initial response would be to annihilate the Zionist entity. Iran's domestic power and its power in the region are no secret.

"Any foolish act by the Zionist entity will be its last. No Zionist entity would be left to proceed to the next steps."

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