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May 22, 2020
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Iranian Political Analyst Mojtaba Zakerian: Report About The Holocaust Were 'Media Tales' Intended To Encourage Jewish Immigration To Palestine; Jews Who Objected Were Executed

#8023 | 01:14
Source: Khorasan Jonoobi TV (Iran)

In a May 22, 2020 interview with Khorasan Jonoobi TV (Iran), Iranian political analyst Mojtaba Zakerian said that the Zionists had made agreements with Nazi Germany and that "the story" about the murder of the Jews or crematoria were merely "media tales" that were meant to prepare the public opinion of the world for the establishment of Israel. He said that these stories were also meant to encourage Jews to emigrate from Europe to Palestine, that rabbis were imprisoned protesting this, and that "eminent Jews" had been executed because they objected to going to Palestine. Zakerian added that many of those who immigrated to Palestine were thugs, riffraff, and criminals, as he said had been the case with ISIS.

Mojtaba Zakerian: "There is evidence of agreements between the Zionists and Nazi Germany. The story about the murder of Jews and about the crematoria were media tales aimed at preparing the world's public opinion [for the establishment of Israel]. They meant to portray the Jews as oppressed so that they begin to emigrate [from Europe]. Let me tell you, these things were historically documented. They say that Muslims sold them their lands. Many of those who were forced to emigrate [from Europe] were Jews. Jewish rabbis who protested this were imprisoned. Many eminent Jews were executed because they objected to going [to Palestine]. Many of the Zionist who immigrated [to Palestine] were not Jews. Many of them were thugs, riffraff that... It's just like the story of ISIS. Many people on death row were brought there and were told: 'You were on death row anyway. Go and kill to say alive.'"

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