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Oct 01, 2021
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Iranian Political Analyst Emad Abshenas: Iranian Support Grows For Producing A Nuclear Bomb To Eliminate Possibility Of War Against Iran; Sanctions On North Korea Are Less Severe Because It Poses A Nuclear Threat

#9103 | 01:28
Source: Alghad (UAE/Egypt)

Iranian political analyst Emad Abshenas, the editor-in-chief of Iran Diplomatic said that Iran is capable of producing all the elements of a nuclear bomb and threatening the West that it will produce the bomb, if it does not lift sanctions. He made his remarks on a panel that aired on Alghad TV (UAE/Egypt) on October 1, 2021. Abshenas said this would also prevent the possibility of war against Iran. He added that the sanctions placed on North Korea are less severe than Iran's, because it is a nuclear threat. Abshenas further said that many Iranians are now advocating for the production of a nuclear weapon in order to pressure the West into lifting the sanctions, and that their voices are becoming more powerful. For more about Emad Abshenas, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 9071, 9005, 9003, 8608, 8581, 8341, 8320, 8211, 8057, 7939.

Emad Abshenas: "Iran can reach a point where it manufactures all the components needed for the making of a nuclear bomb, without actually producing a nuclear bomb. In other words, everything that is needed would be available, and then Iran would say to the other side: 'I have all that is needed. Either you lift the sanctions and implement your commitments, or we will put an end to this and produce a nuclear bomb.' In such a case, even the option of war against Iran will go up in smoke.

"Today, North Korea is facing lesser sanctions than those imposed on Iran. The sanctions imposed on Iran are greater than those imposed on North Korea. There are people in Iran who say: 'Why not produce a nuclear bomb, and put an end to all of this. The [West] imposed sanctions on us, even though we did not produce a nuclear bomb, we say that we do not plan to do so – let’s produce a nuclear bomb and put an end to all this. Then, we will say to the [West]: Go ahead. What do you want to do now?' This approach has become more powerful in Iran."

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