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Mar 20, 2021
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Iranian Political Activist Fatemeh Sepehri: I Hope To See The Day When Khamenei Is Dragged Through The Streets And Killed Like Qadhafi

#8992 | 01:07

Iranian political activist Fatemeh Sepehri said she hopes to see the day that Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is dragged through the streets and killed like Libyan leader Qadhafi. She made her remarks in a video taken across from the Vakil-Abad prison in Mashhad, Iran and which was posted on Irankargar on YouTube on March 20, 2021. In the video, Sepehri says that she hopes that the new Persian year will be a year of victory and liberation for the people of Iran. She said that she hopes that Khamenei will lose the people that are dear to him and that the Khamenei family will cry the same way that the people of Iran are crying for their loved ones lost on various military fronts.

Fatemeh Sepehri: "Today, March 20, we are standing across from the Vakil-Abad prison [in Mashhad]. I hope that the new [Persian] year will be a year of victory for the Iranian people, and a year of liberation for Iran. I hope that just like Qadhafi was killed after being led through the streets of Libya, I will get to see the day when the same thing [happens] to Khamenei.

"Our loved ones were killed on various war fronts and everywhere in Iran, and we have not witnessed a single good day. I hope that Mr. Khamenei [also] loses the people who are dear to him. The tears I shed today, across from the Vakil-Abad prison — I hope that the Khamenei family will cry the same way. For what sin are our loved ones being held in the prisons of the Islamic Republic? I hope that Khamenei's life comes to an end."

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