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Jan 10, 2022
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Iranian Political Activist Faezeh Hashemi: We Ask Our People To "Tolerate Hardship" Only In Order To Carry Out Injustice In Syria, Yemen; We Say Israel And The U.S. Are Bad, But Right Now We Are Worse

#9312 | 02:06
Source: Online Platforms - "didbaniran.ir"

Iranian political activist Faezeh Hashemi said that Iranians can no longer say that the U.S. and Israel "are bad," because "we are worse than all of them," in an interview that was posted on Didbaniran.ir on January 10, 2022. She said: "They keep saying that America is our enemy, but I believe that we are our own worst enemy." Hashemi added that Iran has been responsible for killing more Muslims than Israel ever did and that it calls on its people to "tolerate hardship" only in order to carry out injustice and massacres in Syria and Yemen. She stated that Iran’s biggest problem is mismanagement and that the sanctions are a result of this mismanagement and mistaken policies.

Faezeh Hashemi: "It is true that in my view, the sanction are one of the main problems in Iran's economy and in many other matters, but in addition to these sanctions, we cannot ignore the mismanagement. If we had had proper management, there would have been no sanctions.


"They keep saying that America is our enemy, but I believe that we are our own worst enemy, because our policies are inappropriate and we are unwilling to fix them. When our management becomes Jihadi and revolutionary, and heeds [the orders] of the Leader and so on, it stops being management altogether.


"Sadly, we have nowhere to reach on the horizon. Why? Because we have become guiltier than those we vilify, like Israel and America - guiltier than anyone, anywhere in the world, even the Pahlavi regime.


"We can no longer say that Israel is bad, the Shah was bad, so-and so is bad, because right now, we are worse than all of them. We cause our public catastrophes the likes of which were not caused by any of them.

"I talked about Israel and I want to say this: The number of people killed in Syria - I am only talking about the dead, not about the refugees, destruction, and immigrants... 500,000 people [were killed in Syria] and we had a share in [causing] this.

"In Yemen, the civil war has been raging for seven years, and we had a share in it, and, in fact, we started the slaughter of the Muslims there. If we aggregate the number of all the Palestinians killed by Israel, I do not think that figure is likely to reach 100,000 or 200,000.

"Hence, we have killed more Muslims than Israel has. We have followed mistaken policies, and whether we did this knowingly or unknowingly, and whether it was up to us or not, it is now written down under our name. Even if we did not do all those things, they happen in our name.

"Therefore, we cannot claim to be good and call on people to tolerate hardship. Tolerate hardship to what end? To carry out more massacres? To cause more injustice? What are we trying to accomplish?

"These [goals] need to be described and we need to change our policy."

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