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Oct 09, 2021
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Iran's Nuclear Chief Mohammad Eslami: The Americans Resent Any Manifestation Of Iran's Power Of Deterrence; If Acquiring Uranium Metal Makes Them Feel Threatened – Let Them Feel Threatened

#9127 | 03:17
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian Vice President Mohammad Eslami, who also serves as the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), said in an October 9, 2021 interview on Channel 1 (Iran) that Israel and the enemies of the Iranian regime have created a "certain atmosphere" surrounding Iran's nuclear energy program. He said that accusing Iran of wanting to develop military nuclear capabilities is part of the evil that Iran's enemies want to do to Iran, and he emphasized that all the materials and fuel types the AEOI wants to develop are within the legal and regulatory framework of the IAEA, which he said Iran is committed to. Vice President Eslami also said that America "resents" any manifestation of Iran's power of deterrence, and that Iran must do what is necessary for the sake of its national interest. He emphasized that Iran has "no clandestine activity" and said: "If [the Americans] feel threatened – let them feel threatened."

Mohammad Eslami: "The main point is the effort by the arrogant [U.S.] to prevent our country from achieving advanced technology. The bone of contention is that these advancements are being achieved under the banner of the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolution.


"We need to invest more energy and time and to increase our contacts [with the IAEA], rather than keep this correspondence classified. We need to post it all on the IAEA website, so that all the countries can read it, because when we send a classified answer to a letter they write, it does not get published, and the world knows nothing about it. [Israel and the Mujahedin-e-Khalq] raise hell and create a certain atmosphere, while we keep quiet."


Interviewer: "One of the conditions for the implementation of the JCPOA is the closing of the PMD's [Possible Military Dimensions] dossier. This was done in the days of Amano, who reported that this dossier had been closed. Also, during the period in which the JCPOA was being implemented, there were many reports about this, even in the days of Trump. However, since Biden, the Democrat, became President of the United States, we have witnessed the resurfacing of this claim. First of all, please explain why this claim is being made again..."

Eslami: "This is part of their raison d'être – the evil they wish to demonstrate towards Iran. If they had not said these things, they would have had nothing else to say. This is part of what they need.


"The important thing to us is to be able to demonstrate our national authority, by creating the potential and the power to convert materials, and by showing that the AEOI can produce all types of fuel. None of these processes are outside the legal framework that is defined in the [IAEA] Safeguards. The AEOI is committed to abiding by those regulations and frameworks."


Interviewer: "What would be your direct answer to the American claim [that Iran is not allowed to produce uranium metal]?"

Eslami: "You mean fuel in the form of uranium metal?"

Interviewer: "Yes."

Eslami: "They resent any manifestation of our country's power of deterrence, and they do everything in a hyper-active way. We have absolutely no clandestine activity, and if us acquiring uranium metal makes them feel threatened – let them feel threatened. We will do what we have to do for the sake of our national interest."

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