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Nov 28, 2022
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Kurdish Iranian Majles Member Jalal Mahmoudzadeh: I Hold Interior Minister Vahidi Accountable For The Killing Of Protesters In Kurdish Areas; Why Doesn't He Stop The Crackdown On Kurdish Towns?

#9972 | 02:10
Source: Online Platforms - "@botinkurdistany on Twitter "

Jalal Mahmud Zadeh, an Iranian Majles Representative from the Kurdish city of Mahabad, said at the Majles that he holds Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi personally accountable for the killing of 105 protesters in Kurdish areas of Iran. He criticized the regime's crackdowns in Kurdish cities and said that when he filed an official query on the subject, it was disregarded, contrary to Majles protocols. The video of Mahmudzadeh’s statement was posted to @botinkurdistany on Twitter on November 28, 2022.

Jalal Mahmud Zadeh: "In the name of merciful God. My criticism is for the President and Interior Minister. Unfortunately, in the past month's public protest, thirteen people from Mahabad have been killed, along with - according to unofficial sources - 105 people from Kurdish areas.

"Mr. Vahidi, as the Interior Minister and the head of [Iran's] Security Council, you must be held personally accountable for this situation. We have repeatedly requested that those who shoot people using military ammunition would be identified and prosecuted. Unfortunately, instead of the legal restitution of people's rights, shockingly, they have charged [me, the Majles] Representative who was pursing this issue.

"Also, what is the reason for the declaration of martial war law and deploying troops to Kurdish cities like Mahabad, unwarranted arrests of citizens, nightly raids on people's homes, damaging their belongings and cars, writing slogans on the walls of residential buildings, creating fear and intimidation, along with lots of security checkpoints at the entrance to the Kurdish towns and searching private belongings like they used to do in the beginning of the Revolution?

"Mr. Vahidi, why don't you end this pressure and martial law in Mahabad and the Kurdish areas?

"Also, due to the violent treatment of protestors in the past few days throughout the country, Kurdish areas, and Mahabad, and the killing of those [very poor people] who carry heavy items to make a living, I presented the Interior Minister with a few questions at the Security Committee. The head of the Majles committees, IRGC General Jokar, responded that he would not send my questions to the floor of Majles. But when I complain, he says: Go and file your complaint against me to Majles speaker!"


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