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Nov 02, 2020
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Iranian Majles Passes A Bill Obligating Government To Increase Nuclear Activity; Delegates Celebrate by Chanting 'Death to America!'

#8422 | 01:17
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

On November 2, 2020, Iranian Channel 2 TV aired a news report about a Majles bill intended to obligate the government to increase its nuclear activity. The news anchor said that the bill, which includes a series of steps to increase nuclear activity, would bring an end to American and European sanctions on Iran. After the bill was passed in the Majles, Majles members chanted: "Death to America!"

News Anchor: "The Majles members passed an urgent bill that would [force the U.S.] to revoke its sanctions. The government will have to produce 120 kg of 20%-enriched uranium every year, to activate 1,000 IR-2M centrifuges in [the underground section of] Natanz, to install and activate 1,000 IR-6 centrifuges in Fordo by the end of [March 2021], to act immediately to revive the core of the reactor in Arak, and to stop the access [given] to the inspectors beyond the Additional Protocol. These are some of the important points in this bill that has nine articles."

Reporter: "This is a major step taken by the Majles, in order to force the U.S. and Europe to revoke the sanctions.



Majles members: "Death to America! Death to America!"

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