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Nov 02, 2021
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Iranian Majles Member Mahmoud Ahmadi-Bighash Accuses Raisi's New Government Of Nepotism And Incompetence: Your Model Of Governance Shows No Sign Of Fixing Iran's Problems

#9166 | 02:40
Source: Online Platforms - "Ahamdi-Bighash on Instagram"

In a speech that was delivered at the Majles on November 2, 2021, Iranian Majles member Mahmoud Ahmadi-Bighash blasted Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his newly instated government, claiming that it has shown no signs of fixing Iran's problems. He said that the Raisi government suffers from nepotism like the Rouhani government before it, and he said that the Iranian presidency and government are riddled with incompetence. Ahmadi-Bighash said that the government is showing "excessive indifference" towards regional and international issues and that this does not serve the country. Mahmoud Ahmadi-Bighash posted his speech to his Instagram account. For more about Mahmoud Ahamdi-Bighash, see MEMRI TV clip no 8533.

Mahmoud Ahmadi-Bighash: "What compelled me to make this speech are the special circumstances of our country following the beginning of the work of the new government. It seems that due to the approach of the esteemed government, the lack of planning, and the depressing [poor] judgment in our society, it is imperative for me – because I care – to remind our esteemed and highly-motivated president of the following points.


"The honorable Mr. Raisi, forgive my insolence. As your brother who admires you and as a representative of the Iranians, I humbly tell you that an initial assessment of your actions and especially your trips to the various provinces, serve mostly as 'painkillers' and do not address the [real] problems.

"This model of governance shows no sign of fixing the problems.

"On the other hand, the acute weakness that characterizes your statements on different issues is completely inexplicable. These [statements] have been used as a pretext in many social networks, in Iran and abroad, and they do not bring honor to our country. It is important that you act quickly to fix this. It seems that in your government, the phenomenon of nepotism plays the same mistaken role like in the Rouhani government.

"Do we have such a serious shortage of scientists and politicians in our country that one cannot see even four worthy university lecturers at the president’s office – people who can write a few lines in official events and hand them to you, so that we do not witness such false, unfounded, weak, and disputed statements on your part? relying too much on a handful of Imam Sadig University graduates in filling senior management positions in our country has even damaged the reputation of Imam Sadig himself.


"With regards to the regional and international issues – we are still waiting for strategic measures. It seems, however, that the relevant officials lack the minimal willpower that is required in order to engage in influential measures. Such excessive indifference does not serve our country and society at all."

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