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Jan 16, 2021
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Iran Conducts Ballistic Missile Drill; Commander Of The IRGC Aerospace Force: Our Ballistic Missiles Render The Enemy's Naval Capabilities Insufficient

#8620 | 03:17
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps conducted the "Great Prophet 15" drill, which included the launching of several ballistic missiles, as reported by Channel 1 (Iran). Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC, General Hossein Salami was present at the drill, as was the commander of the IRGC aerospace force, General Amir-Ali Hajizdeh, who said that the Iranian missiles render the naval power of the enemy "insufficient" in a radius of 2,000 kilometers. Ghadr-F, Emad, and Sijjil missiles were launched in the drill.

Narrator: "In the second phase of the Great Prophet 15 drill, additional aspects of the defensive capabilities, and the power of the IRGC Aerospace force were demonstrated. Dear viewers, this is the long-range Ghadr-F ballistic missile. This missile and other ballistic missiles deployed here the Emad and Sejjil missiles, will be launched in a few moments toward the targets determined in the drill. Iran's Missile capability is one of the aspects of this country's defense force.

"Whenever needed, this force will be activated, in order to crush this country's enemies and ill-wishers. These precise ballistic missiles target virtual enemy battleships, 1800 km away. In a few minutes, they will land on their determined targets in the northern Indian Ocean. This phase of the Great Prophet 15 drill was an exercise in crushing the enemy's naval threats, and it was performed very well."

Gen. Amir Hajizadeh: "We are carrying out an exercise in turning the enemy's point of strength, its naval capability in a radius of 2,000 kilometers, into an insufficient capability. If we make this capability insufficient in a radius of 2,000 kilometers, it means that it becomes insufficient altogether, because the range of the cruise missiles they would like to fire does not reach Iran, and if a plane takes off from an aircraft carrier it will not be able to reach Iran."

Narrator: "This way, the long-range missiles of the IRGC will prevent any evil activity or intent by the enemy in a radius of 2,000 kilometers from Iran."

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