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Nov 16, 2020
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Iranian Internet Show: Why Is Insulting 1.8 Billion Muslims Allowed While Insulting 6 Million Jews Is Forbidden? The Sanctity Of The Holocaust Is A Jewish Scam To Take Control Of World Resources

#8472 | 03:22
Source: The Internet - "Islamic Pulse on YouTube"

On November 16, 2020, the Qom, Iran-based Islamic Pulse media company uploaded to its YouTube channel an English-language discussion about the response to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. American Islamic scholar Sayyid Shahryar Naqvi, who currently lives in Qom, asked why it is permitted to insult 1.8 billion Muslims while it is forbidden to insult the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust or to question the Holocaust. The show's host, British-born Islamic scholar Muzaffar Haydar, accused the West of carrying out 9/11. Pakistani Islamic scholar Sheikh Ali "Qomi" Chawla, the director of Islamic Pulse, said that the "sanctity" of the Holocaust is part of a Jewish political scam to take control of all the world's resources. Later in the show, Sheikh Chawla said that Western media tries to promote indecency and moral decadence with sexual content, an LGBT agenda, and "other nastiness" in order to make Muslims less faithful.

In August 2020, Sheikh Chawla was one of several individuals charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with transferring money collected via a campaign by Islamic Pulse directly to Iran and its Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. For more from Islamic Pulse, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 8219, No. 8103, No. 7903, and No. 6944.

Sayyid Shahryar Naqvi: "So it is okay to insult 25%, 1/4 of the world's population... this is legitimate, this should be protected by law, but when it comes to the Holocaust of 6 million Jews... look, we got 1.8 billion people and here we have a Holocaust of 6 million Jews and currently how many really Jews do we have in the world, right? You cannot question this Holocaust of 6 million people."

Muzaffar Haydar: "Academically, you're not allowed to research it."

Naqvi: "Yeah academically question it. You cannot question, let alone insult, let alone deny, that it happened."

Ali "Qomi" Chawla: "See it's not the sanctities and dignities, it's not the issue of sanctities or dignities for them when it comes to Judaism and this whole Holocaust, it's a political scam. It's a political agenda, that they are trying to exploit and manipulate, in order to take control of the world resources, let it be their land or their natural resources, that's basically what it is. And you've seen the Zionist regime do it right in front of our eyes, it's not something you have to go back and refer to history [for], they're still doing it, right? This attempt to normalize relationships with other dictatorial countries, what are they trying to do? They're trying to legitimize their presence, their 'expansion' plans.


"Right now, we're all looking at the Western media and Western literature, what are they trying to promote for, you know, so many decades, if not over a century, right? Indecency, moral decadence, moral corruption, right? Taking away the taqadus [sanctity], like we were talking [about]."

Haydar: "Disbelief."

Chawla: "Disbelief, right? This whole sexual drive that they have created with this LGBT..."

Haydar: "Sexual revolution, LGBT..."

Chawla: "...and all that stuff, right? All that nasty stuff, right?"


"If indecency prevails, it takes away the iman [faith] from individuals, and that's what their agenda is aimed at. So, you do something, you execute something, you know, promote and push indecency through your media outlets, through those pornography channels and movies and cartoons, so on and so forth, right... at a very minor age as well, you know, for children, right? You do all that stuff, you want to test how your 'investment' is paying off, you know. There's a cost-benefit ratio, right? What is the benefit that you have reaped? This attack that they have done on the Islamic world, right, they want to see whether it's working or not, whether these people have lost their iman yet or not."


Haydar: "They did 9/11, they attacked Iraq, they showed us [that] 'we can attack your land.' They attacked Afghanistan, they surrounded Iran, and then they turned Muslims against each other. Sunnis and Shiites fighting against each other, which is about unity, which we need to talk about next, and then all of the propaganda that they did against Islam and Muslims, attacking, attacking, attacking Islam... after all of that, they were trying to see and do a test and see, 'have they lost their faith?' And the Muslims haven't!"

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