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Apr 21, 2021
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Qods Force Official Rostam Ghasemi: Iran's Friends In The Region Have Retaliated Against Israel And Will Continue To Do So; We Have A Few Military Advisors In Yemen And Have Provided Weapon-Manufacturing Technology To The Yemenis

#8798 | 02:59
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Former Iranian Minister of Oil General Rostam Ghasemi, Qods Force Commander's assistant for economic affairs said that Israel is behind every sabotage operation around the world and in Iran and that Israel's actions will not go unanswered. He made these remarks in an interview with Russia Today TV that aired on April 21, 2021. General Ghasemi said that while Iran has "espoused a policy of patience and restraint," it has retaliated against Israel with the help of its "many friends in the region" and it will continue to do so. He added that the Yemenis participated in retaliation against Israeli ships. General Ghasemi continued to say that "all the weapons the Yemenis possess are a result of our aid." For more information about General Ghasemi, see MEMRI TV clip no. 7080.

Rostam Ghasemi: "We believe that Israel plays a role in every sabotage operation around the world, and in Iran as well. The Zionist entity plays a role in every act of sabotage that is carried out in Iran. The Israelis know, as well they should, that any act will be met with retaliation. So far, Iran has espoused a policy of patience and restraint. Nevertheless, Iran has retaliated, and Israel will be met with more responses. If this entity carries out any action against Iran anywhere in the world, it will be met with retaliation at the appropriate time, and in a manner that will make it regret what it did. Israel should not think that we are necessarily the ones attacking its ships. We have many friends in the region and they are the ones retaliating against Israel. They retaliated for those attacks. We have many friends in the region. They will not allow the Israeli actions to go unanswered."

Interviewer: "Are they retaliating on behalf of Iran?"

Ghasemi: "We have many friends in the region and the world. Israel knows, as well it should, that its actions will not go unanswered."

Interviewer: "Have the Yemenis retaliated on behalf of Iran in the Gulf of Oman, for example?"

Ghasemi: "The Yemenis are our friends, and they can easily retaliate, and this is what they are doing."

Interviewer: "Have they retaliated so far? And where?"

Ghasemi: "Yes, they have retaliated, and some of it was published in the media.


"We are providing advisory aid to the Yemenis on a very small scale."

Interviewer: "Military advice?"

Ghasemi: "Limited military advice. All the weapons that the Yemenis possess are the result of our aid. We helped them with weapon-manufacturing technology, but the actual production of the weapons is done in Yemen. They produce the weapons themselves. These drones and missiles are made in Yemen."

Interviewer: "Are there military advisors in Yemen now?"

Ghasemi: "There is a small number. You can count them on the fingers of one hand."

Interviewer: "What is their mission?"

Ghasemi: "To give advice."

Interviewer: "Are you sending weapons to Yemen now?"

Ghasemi: "There is no need to send weapons.


"We do not feel threatened by some countries' normalization of relations with Israel. We are a strong country with enormous defensive capabilities. Therefore, this does not pose a direct threat to Iran. But we ask these Muslim and other countries to honor the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people. The Palestinians are still suffering from the Israeli persecution and occupation, and they are not happy about this normalization."

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