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Jun 10, 2022
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Friday Sermon in Titkanlu, Iran by Preacher Reza Hassanzadeh: Israel Is Nearing Its End, Many Israelis Are Buying Land in South America, Leaving Israel; Iran Will Retaliate with an Iron Fist to Any Attack

#9633 | 02:43
Source: Khorasan Shomali TV (Iran)

Iranian preacher Reza Hassanzadeh said in a Friday, June 10, 2022 sermon in Titkanlu, Iran that the days of American and Israeli "hit and run" operations and that Iran will be retaliating with an iron fist. He said that 16 years ago, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had predicted that Israel would not survive 25 more years, and that Israel itself has now "reached the same conclusion." Hassanzadeh claimed that even former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had admitted that "the Jews cannot rule more than 80 years." In addition, Hassanzadeh claimed that many Israelis are purchasing land in Argentina and Chile, and that 850,000 Israelis have already left Israel.

Reza Hassanzadeh: "The Americans and the Israelis have no shame. They do not understand that the times of hit and run are over. If you kill one [of us], we will take one from you. If you take Hajj Qasem [Soleimani], surely you cannot sleep soundly. We will turn Ayn Al Asad [airbase] into a graveyard. If you behead Hojaji, rest assured that we will retaliate forcefully. We will annihilate the evil descendants of Abu Sufyan and bring ISIS to extinction.


"I would like to reiterate that the days of hit and run have ended. Wherever you make such a mistake, you will be faced with the Iron fist of our people.

"[Khamanei] said that Israel would not survive the next 25 years. After 16 years, you have also reached the same conclusion — that your end is near and, God willing, very soon your shameful child-killing record will end.

"I want to repeat a sentence from Netanyahu. In October 2017, during a Sukkot celebration, he said: 'I will make every effort so that Israel will celebrate its 100th year, but I am not so sure, because the Jews cannot rule more than 80 years.'

"They have understood that they are nearing the end. Many have purchased land in Argentina and Chile, and many Israelis have started to emigrate from Israel. By God's grace, about 850,000 Israelis now live outside of the occupied territories."


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