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Nov 08, 2019
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Iran Friday Sermon: "Death to America" Means Death to Trump, Obama, and the Bushes, Not the American People or Continent

#7608 | 01:06
Source: Dena TV (Iran)

In a Friday sermon delivered in the Iranian city of Yasouj on November 8, 2019, Ali Asghar Hosseini explained that the slogan "death to America" does not mean death to the American continent or to the American people. He said that it means death to the American leaders – presidents Trump, Obama, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush.  He chanted: "Death to the leaders of America!" and added his hope that this slogan will be realized. The sermon aired on Dena TV (Iran).

Ali Asghar Hosseini: With regard to [the slogan of] 'Death to America,' I'd like to...America is a continent. Does it mean death to the continent? No! Does it mean death to the American people? No! It means death to the leaders of America: Death to Trump, to Obama, to Bush Junior, to Bush Senior. I think that a short analysis of this slogan is in place. Death to the leaders of America! Death to the leaders of America! Inshallah, this slogan will be realized.


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