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Jul 09, 2022
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Iran Friday Sermon By Imam Ghanbar Darvishi: In The Past We Had To Attack Israel From Iran, Now We Can Use Iranians And Syrians Who Are 'More Shi'ite Than The Iranians'

#9687 | 01:09
Source: Khalijefars TV (Iran)

In a Friday, July 9, 2022 sermon in Bandarabbas, Iran, Imam Ghanbar Darvishi said that Iran can easily target Israel from Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen by means of proxies who are extremely loyal to Iran. The sermon was aired on Khalijefars TV (Iran).

Imam Ghanbar Darvishi: "Today Islam has been revived, and your enemies in this world are weak. In the past, we had to attack Israel from here [Iran]. Now, not even 100 kilometers separate Israel from where we can launch an attack on it. We are established in the Golan [Heights] in Syria, and in Lebanon. When I say that we are established there, I do not mean Iran. I mean Shiites that are more Shiite than the Iranians. When the leader of Yemen delivered a message of Hassan Nasrallah saying that he was ready to be his soldier, [Nasrallah] replied: 'I myself am the soldier of Khamenei.'"

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