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Apr 17, 2023
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Iranian Official Public Announcement On Hijab Enforcement: If A Woman Is Caught Without Her Hijab Inside A Car, It May Be Impounded

#10262 | 02:04
Source: Online Platforms - "Fars News Agency (Iran)"

On April 17, 2023, Iran's Fars News Agency published a video presenting a directive on being in a car without wearing a hijab. The directive was sent by the Interior Ministry and Judiciary to the Public Security Police. According to the video, if a woman is caught without a hijab in a car, the police will send the owner of the car a warning in a text message. If the "offense" is repeated, the car owner stands having his car impounded. The video concludes with the statement: "A law-abiding citizen – a safe and peaceful society."

Narrator: "According to a directive sent by the Interior Ministry and the Judiciary to the Public Security Police, and according to public demand and Article 638 of the Islamic Penal Code, the police has an obligation to act in order to control social norms, and maintain society's security and peace of mind.

"According to the new plan, the first time [a woman is caught] removing her hijab in a car, a text message from the police will be sent to the owner of the car, and a warning will be issued in order to protect social norms. If you want to challenge it, you can click the attached link and express you objection. The police will accept this unconditionally at first.

"When a hijab is removed for the second time, another text message will be sent to the owner of the car, informing him that the vehicle is automatically impounded for 15 days. During this period of time, no administrative services will be provided for the car, and it may not be driven. If during these 15 days no similar offense is committed, the car will be released from impound automatically.

"If this happens for a third time, a text message will be sent to the owner, informing him that the vehicle is impounded, and he must not drive it until further notice by the police. At the first opportunity, the police will contact him, and discuss with him whether to impound the car and clamp its wheel at his own garage, or he will be provided with the name of a parking lot, [where he can park the car] and hand the receipt over to the police. Needless to say that after a week, when all the legal steps are completed, the vehicle will be released.

"A law-abiding citizen — a safe and peaceful society."

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