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Oct 22, 2023
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Iran-Backed Iraqi Shi'ite Militia 'Sayyed Al-Shuhadaa' Simulates Attack On U.S. Military Base, Troops

#10555 | 01:10
Source: Online Platforms - "Sayyed Al-Shuhadaa Brigades on Telegram"

Iran-backed Iraqi Shiite Militia Sayyed Al-Shuhadaa Brigades posted a video on Telegram on October 22, 2023, in which the group carries out a military drill simulating an attack on an American military base. In the video, masked militia members can be seen attacking an American military base using explosives, anti-tank weapons, RPG launchers, snipers, and rifles. They can be seen bombing an armored vehicle, toppling guard towers carrying the American flag, riding into the base on motorcycles, and shooting at carboard cutouts signifying American soldiers.

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